Here We Are

Here is my latest painting. "Sisters" I just listed the print over on my Etsy. It's a representation of my sisters and I when we were young. Sort of...Can you guess which one is me? OK.... I'm the youngest. My sisters were 15 and 9 years older than me. I remember 50's and 60's music because of them. I would not have experienced it the same way if it were not for them. I was about 6 years old when the Beatles came on Ed Sullivan and my middle sister went crazy. She was typical. We had so much fun doing the twist. Remember Davy Jones?
It took me forever to find a song that I wanted to go with this post. I could not find anything about sisters that I liked.

Fat Tuesday

Eat Drink and be Merry! Today is Fat Tuesday. I have not made up my mind about what to give up for Lent this year. I always give up something. It's usually a food or drink. I should give up blogging lol. I heard on the news a lot of people are giving up using their facebook. I am addicted to this. I think I'll stick to a food, like margarita's or chips and salsa.
Have a great day!

A place to dream

I was very hesitant to share this one. I don't know where this came from. It is so juvenile. I feel I'm a 51 year old teenager. I must be stuck in my teen years for some reason. For example, I love the twilight series, definitely for teenage girls. Who cares...I'm enjoying it. I have always thought my art was not very grown up. I'm a child at heart. I have for the most part come to embrace my look. I'm realizing it is OK. It is me. I've gone through this before when I first started painting again. We go through highs and lows, & ups and downs in our life. Right now I feel like I'm treading water. I take one step forward and 2 steps backward. I've been working on something for my shop and now I feel I will scrap it. It may not work. I want to pull my hair out. So back to the drawing board..Ha ha.


Just another doodle journal page. Mostly I'm practicing lettering and etc..etc... I have redesigned my Etsy Banner. I've reduced the price of my memory glass pendants. My letter charms will be expiring soon and I will not list them again. I'm working on things to put in my shop. Hopefully I'll get some of the new items listed soon. It is taking me longer than I thought. But you can't rush creativity. So in the mean time just keep on keeping on.

Altered Art Journal Letter P

I like the page as is. Pink and purple are my favorites. The page turned into a secret garden of purple and pink, a wonderland, a place Alice might tumble into. The photo is a little washed out. It is much more vibrant in person. I might eventually write a little something on it.
I'm staying with the romantic theme for this romantic month "February" and went with a John Mayer song"Your body is a wonderland" for the background music. Enjoy the music and my new page.

Altered Art Journal Letter N

A longing for things, persons, or situations that are not present.

I did not forget to do N in this journal. I only skipped ahead a bit. I'm very romantic and nostalgic. Who would have guessed????...right. I'm so obvious. Well anyway...I'm having fun working in this journal. I'll be sad when I'm finished. I started it last summer or maybe spring. At any rate it seems I've been working on it forever. With any luck I'll be finished with it by the end of the this year. I can only hope.

Lighten Up

Have fun! Sometimes I find that I am way too serious. I have to constantly tell myself to lighten up. If we can learn to laugh at ourselves we our so much healthier. We are happier too. So with that said here is the latest journal page. It certainly did not start out to say this. Just start doodling and voila thoughts become more apparant.
On another note, when do you stop....? When do you say it is finished? I find I go back and back and keep adding and doodling to old pages that I thought were finished. I know I could add more to this page but I wont.
And now on to another note.....I finished my latest painting. I'm so excited. I am debating if I should post it or not. I am also torn about what to do with it. I feel it is to big to sell on Etsy. I have a problem selling my originals, meaning I do not want to let them go. I have never tried to sell my originals. I cant let them go. They mean too much to me. My poor Etsy shop is sitting there idle. Umph!

Pig Tails and Pony Tails

These photos were taken at the S.A. Stock Show and Rodeo. We went Saturday afternoon. Call me an animal whisperer. I love to talk to the animals. They are so precious. The little piggies crack me up. I had so much fun. I'm not real happy with most of my photos taken because they were inside shots. These turned out this point of view!

Journal Pages Continued

Just another journal page. I know I am one sappy romantic. Valentines is just around the corner. I got mine early. We went to Vegas . Actually our trip to Las Vegas was Christmas and Valentines wrapped up together.
Our weather is wonderful today. It is so warm. I think I will work outside. Everyone have a great day.
P.S. I know I'm late but Mixed Media Monday's challenge is Romance this week. Here is mine.

Song Journal Page

I Hope You Dance by Lee Ann Womack.
Here is the you tube link for the song. This is my inspired song for a journal page. Got the idea for the challenge at Misty's blog. She has been giving challenges all month and I have only been able to do a few. I'm sure she is on to something else by now. I do things at my own pace.

Altered Art Journal Letter O

This page for letter O is called Once Upon A Time. I think so far this one is my favorite. Reading fairy tales like Aladdin, Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty as a child was a wonderful past time. So here's to my little fairy tale. Now all I want to do is go back to bed and curl up with a good book.

Journal Page

Little by little, slowly but surely things get done. This is all I can ask for and as long as I see some progress I'm happy. So here is the first journal page in my watercolor journal. I have to admit that I've been very obsessive about my journaling. I'm not as confident about the writing portion but can't complain. The best part about doing this one (this watercolor journal) is being able to work on it while I watch TV or while riding on the plane. I took this one on my trip and worked in it on the plane. To tell the truth I hated doing that. I'm so self conscience about pulling it out in front of other people. The only reason I was able to do this was because my husband and I sat together on the way to Vegas. On the way back I sat in the middle seat by two other people. No way was I going to pull this out then.

Back To Reality

Our trip to Vegas was fabulous as always. It was greatly needed by both me and my husband. I did everything I wanted to do but win a ton of money...oh well....maybe next time. We stayed at the Paris casino which I absolutely love. We saw Phantom of the Opera at the Venetian. What can I say other than WOW. The set was unbelievable. The Chandelier! Oh MY GOSH! My words would not explain it well enough. The craps table did not like me this trip. I was not feeling the love there. The roulette table and me did quite well. I would say I found my game but I know next time it will be something else. I did not want to come home...I just want to travel right now. (I worked in my art journal while I was gone.) Yeah! No pictures yet...I'm too lazy. As soon as I got home the allergies kicked in. I thought I was coming down with the flu so I took some Airborne. I like to believe that kept it away. Then my sister called and said Mom was in the hospital, so off I went again. She has bronchitis and congestive heart failure. She is 89. She seems to be doing better and will go home tomorrow. Today, finally..... I'd like to do some art.