Water Theme Inspiration Avenue


A beautiful sunrise over the ocean. Doesn't it look like the ocean is about to tip over???
I had to share this photo for the challenge this week at Inspiration Avenue. 
The theme is water. 
I took this shot early one morning while walking the beach in Port Aransas Texas. It's not far from San Antonio....where I live.
I can not wait until our next visit. We will probably be going back soon. {Sometimes in August.} I don't think the oil spill has come to our side of the gulf......yet. I'll let you know. 
The ocean is calling me....see you soon my dear coastal waters.

75% Off Sale Mana Moon Sudios

My friend Sharon is having a fabulous sale in her Etsy store.....Mana Moon Studios. Head on over there to take a peek at some of the wonderful items she has for sale. Most of the items are way below cost. She is going out of business and needs to liquidate. It's a great opportunity to get some early Christmas shopping done at a fabulous price.

Hello, good morning! It's a great day in S.A.
We had a huge thunder storm come through yesterday with hardly any rain. It was fun to watch though. Actually it was a little scary! I did not want to be on the phone or the computer. At least we did not lose any electricity.
Sooooo, I pulled out my sketch pad and drew. It really feels good to draw just for fun again. I am having so much fun in my new class. I'm taking one of Suzi Blu's classes. I think I'm hooked because I feel like signing up for another one. She really has a lot of good tips and ideas. She is so funny too. I get such a kick outta watching her videos. She is such a nut. And I mean that in a good way. She makes you want to throw out all your inhibitions and just act silly.
With that said heehee, I still don't feel like showing  off any of my art work. I do not know why. I used to share everything. When I took Paulettes class......I posted the whole learning process.
I am however still working on my broken china jewelry and other things to sell in my Etsy shop. I have to try to make a little money......... I got to pay for this artsy habit........... Geez, art supplies are expensive!
I'm back to making these seashell items. This is a large scallop shell that I soldered. I think it looks good with the turquoise. I'll be listing it soon.
Toodalee doo for now!

Wine Glass Wednesday

Leopard Print
Heehee don't you just love this one! It's my favorite! I forgot I had painted so many glasses.....geez. I could not find it at first. I was freaking out! I have so many kitchen things. I mean I have tons of glasses, teacups and plates, serving bowls. I like to entertain and don't like to use paper or plastic dinnerware....sometimes I have to though. Oh well....not sure this is a wine glass but I'm using it anyway...... For wine glass Wednesday!

 A little bit closer now!

But I like it! I thought I would try taking the pictures inside this morning but the lighting would not cooperate. I think it will make a great texture background for digital collage, so I'm keeping it.
I'm off to do more art! I'm sorry I don't feel like sharing my art these days. I'm feeling sort of self conscience about it. I'm taking a class and really enjoying it. It's all for myself just to make me happy.
Check out more wine glasses by visiting Lisa at Priti Studio!
Enjoy your week!

More from my Back yard

We had  wine and cheese Saturday evening out on the patio. It was a such a lovely night. I lit all the tiki torches, this chandelier, other candles and lights around the porch. It was magical....to me... only. Oh well at least I enjoyed it. Hope you do too.

Wine Glass Wednesday

Just a little tipsy!
Here is another one of my hand painted wine glasses. It's Christmas in July.
This was painted a while back at the same time as the grape wine glass I featured a couple of weeks ago. I'm not into painting on glass anymore. Been there done that.
It is crazy at mi casa this week. The home owners association have finally decided to replace our back fence. Yeah I'm so happy. We have been waiting for this for a few weeks now. First they said they could not get a hold of us, then it was the hurricane, last week I don't know what their problem was.
I can't let Max out to play or teetee in the back yard because there is no fence. I have to go with him. Not so bad it's just he tends to wander off.
It shouldn't take them too long to finish.We shall see.

Teacup Tuesday

Here is my pretty little teacup from Japan. It has a Japan marking on the bottom. That is all the markings I find. It is very delicate and thin. I hate to use this one. I'm so scared I'm going to chip it. I love the tiny flowers.
The two kitschy kitties are my latest finds. Are they not the cutest???? I love 'em. I collect little kitschy animal figures too. Since I just found them this weekend on our driving /antiquing outing, I had to show them off. I just love the silly grin. The one in the cup looks like she is taking a bath....rubbing her tummy and  neck...so cute. I nabbed them for a couple of bucks. At an antique store, that is not a bad price! The cup I have had forever. I'm not sure why my interest in these kitschy animals have come back. Weird. I saw a lovely teacup for sale but just could not make myself buy it. I went for the cats instead.....so cheap.
If you would like to see more teacups join in on Teacup Tuesday here by clicking the link.
See you tomorrow for wine glass Wednesday.


 I'm still stitching. I made this fabric ATC this week. I think I'll put it up for sale in my Etsy store. It's made out of my grandma's quilt. Just like the previous one on earlier  post.

I'm so glad this week is over!

Got my wireless working, so now I don't have to wait my turn to connect to the modem. YeaH! I feel so much better. I was not a happy camper.

I started doing weights at the gym again, along with plain old sit-ups. OH MY! My poor aching tummy! I can not even roll out of bed. I think I over did  it. I'm so out of shape.

My son is moving back to San Antonio. Yeah again! He is going to move in with a friend. They will be living close to my favorite hamburger place.I'm sure I will be meeting him there for lunch often. I will need to start working out more. Hmmmm. Oh well. We have to eat.

Internet Issues

No picture today! I'm having internet problems. Sometimes I can connect, but mostly not. My computer is wireless only. We tried to set up a new router yesterday. We spent all day on the phone with Road Runner and Cisco and could not get anything to work. Needless to say I'm about to  pull out my hair. The worst part is how addicted I've gotten to the internet. Agghhh! Maybe taking a break from it is a good thing.
Wishing you a stress free day, week, month, year, Life.

Inspiration Avenue Weeklly Challenge: Freedom

"Butterflies Are Free"

The theme this week at IA is Freedom. Freedom can mean so many things and can be interpreted in so many ways. I have designed a patriotic banner for my blog so I did not feel the need to go in that direction again.
I was in a sewing mode this week and had an itch to stitch.....lol! I pulled out an old quilt form my grandmother. It has been stashed away in an old trunk for years. It was in terrible condition. I think most people would have thrown it away, but not me. I ripped and cut out the best parts of the quilt. Then I separated the top and back and threw away the middle batting. I knew there was something I could make out of the pieces. This is what I came up with. It is a small stitched mixed media hanging. I stitched layers of the cutout fabric together in a whimsical fashion and added other ephemera. A butterfly came to mind as a symbol of freedom, so I designed a butterfly and stitched it on. Anyone remember the 70's movie "Butterflies are Free" with Goldie Hawn?
If you would like to participate check out Inspiration Avenue for more details.