Charlotte's Art, Aprons & Journal Pages For January & February 2016

Wow it's been a long time since I've touched base here on blog land. My apologies. I have been busy, busy, busy making art and sewing.

Last year I took on a personal challenge to make 100 pieces of art. Well, I fell short and only made 75. I think that number was pretty darn good anyway, so I'm really happy with myself. 
It was not all pieces of canvas art. It included journal pages, painted aprons and other handmade items like my banners. 
So..... this year I'm doing the same challenge. I only hope I can make it to 75 again, but I'd like to push it and get to 100 this year.

This year my art count is at 11. The following are the canvas art pieces that I've painted so far.

"Yoga Girl"

"Sunset Village"
These three paintings are listed in my Etsy shop. Click on the title below each picture to link it to my Etsy store.

The next are journal pages that I have made this year. I don't know how anyone can make a journal page a day and still manage to make art to sell. Sometimes my journal pages take longer to make then actual art on canvas. I think I need to change my strategy. 

Most of the time my journal pages are just practice. I practice faces and drawing in general. Other pages are just a big jumbled mess. Like the one above. I write down whatever I happen to think is important at the that moment.

Vintage Table Cloth Apron

Pink Full lApron
I'm including the aprons that I have sewn in my art count. Just because I want to! I designed them, made them and it's still a creative endeavor.  I alternate between painting and sewing. I sell aprons in my Etsy shop. Last year I painted some hand painted art aprons that went pretty well. I hope to make more this year, but who knows.... I go where my muse tells me. 
Hope to be back soon with more art to show off. For now I have to get busy making.