Marnoch Homestead

We have driven by this beautiful historic home on scenic loop drive many a times. I finally convinced hubby to stop to let me take pictures and read the historical marker. I love taking pictures of architecture, especially old buildings like this one. Someone still lives in it, so I could not get too close.

Built with 18 inch limestone. I bet it stays cool in the heat of the summer. Something about it makes me think french...maybe an old french manor with a hint of Texas.

Celebrating Fiesta

Our Fiesta celebration in San Antonio wrapped up last week. It's two weeks of fun events, parades, parties, carnivals and etc. It's really a fun time here. I especially love the night parade.....The Flambeau. I got inspired to paint. Whoopee! The color's are so vibrant and all over the place. It's a crazy festive theme. Who wouldn't be inspired. I can't believe it's taken me this long to paint something fiestaish.
I wanted to do a seƱorita and this is what I came up with.

I've been inspired by the beautiful dresses the dancers wear so I did these pretty little fiesta girl dancers.  I did one in paint and pen only and one mixed media with all kinks of papers.

Doing the same subject in two different mediums is kinda of fun. I think I'll try this again.