Boho Dream Catcher Art, Magic Cat and Another Pretty Girl Painting

Pierre likes to meditate

Boho Dream Catcher Painting

Magic Cat
Enjoy The Now

 I'm moving right along continuing to make art. My challenge this year is to create 100 pieces.  These above plus about 5 journal pages bring the count to 23 for the year...I'm behind :(.
I finished my journal and can not get myself to start another themed journal.  I will probably use my sketch books from now on and try to expand on the simple drawings.
And of course I have my travel journal...I forgot about that one. I'll have to count those pages.
I can't believe April is almost over. Summer will be here soon. I can't wait for June because we are going to Eastern Europe in June for two weeks. (Prague, Munich, Budapest, Vienna and Salzburg) Somebody pinch me.! I never in a million years thought I would get to travel to where my ancestors came from...the Czech Republic. It's a little scary! I don't know that much about Eastern Europe.