Halloween & Day Of The Dead Aprons From Charlotte's Collection

My 2019 Halloween Aprons are now listed in my Etsy Store Charlotte's Collection
$30.00 price tag includes shipping.

And also two Day of the Dead aprons which can also be worn for Halloween.

I really love this fabric....Such cute sugar skulls and happy flowers.  I can't decide if I like the orange or the red trim better. 

Girls Pony Tail Holder Fabric Flower Hair Bow Tutorial

I can't let anything go to waste and fabric scraps won't get thrown away in my house.

If I have one nice piece of fabric left it goes in the fabric bin. I know one day I might find a use for them. Sometimes I think it's a disease....lol!.....but at least I'm organized. 

Actually making these flowers are a lot of fun to do with your friends or family who like to craft and a great way to use up left over scraps.

My sisters and I get together frequently for sister day so we like to do crafts instead of shopping sometimes and I say sometimes because we really like to shop. 

These flowers make a great craft day project. No sewing machine required.

Here is a picture tutorial on how to make them.

But if you don't feel like making them yourself....you can head over to my shop to buy one. 😄.
Here is the link to Spring Mix Set.

Recycled Vintage Linens Turned Into Aprons

I'm still making aprons.
I had a nice order to make 6 exact aprons for a birthday party. They turned out really cute and are completed and shipped out. Yay, First time making so many at one time. I had a great assembly line going. 

But these two in the photos above are recycled / refurbished vintage linen scraps turned into aprons. 
While antiquing the other day I was digging though a pile of linens and found this cute cutout of Holly Hobby or Sun Bonnet Sue not sure who she is, and then this lovely doily with an embroidered victorian girl riding a bike.
Ding, ding, ding went off in my head that they would work perfectly on one of my aprons. 
So voila..... here they are.  You never know what you might find in those shops. Although these linens are fairly typical in antique stores and I always admire them, sometimes they just don't seem to fit my idea of what I want to do with them, but these were just the right size.
I think they are so cute! 
They are a little smaller then my other aprons because they don't have a ruffle. Very simple apron made out of muslin fabric. 
I think they would be great for someone who likes to sew.
They are listed in my Etsy shop.
Girl on Bike 
Holly Hobbie

Pretty In Pink Spring Apron

Started my spring collection of aprons and this is the first one made and listed in my shop.
I just love the daisy pattern with the contrasting pink ruffle. I really enjoy sewing these aprons. I'm happy that I can sell one ever once in a while. It keeps me motivated. Etsy has gotten so huge. It's really competitive and over crowded, but I'm sticking with it even though I don't get near the amount of traffic I used to get. I'm hoping for a better year this year, in terms of sales. I really have to buckle down and get busy. I love it. I guess I'll be like a cat lady with too many cats. I'll be the apron lady with aprons coming out my ears because I can't stop sewing them. 😁