Vintage Aprons Listed In My Shop

Hello, Hello!
Hope everyone is doing great. I am almost back to normal.
I have my range of motion back, but my arm and shoulder still give me lots of problems.
Like right now I can feel the pain coming back because of the way I hold my arm while typing on my computer.
I have to set the timer for about 15 to 30 minutes to make me stop working. Otherwise my shoulder blade would start throbbing. :(
Exercise, and stretching it every day is all I can do to help.

But I'm happy I'm feeling so much better. I even went shopping with a friend and found these wonderful vintage aprons to put in my shop.
Charlotte's Collection

I love Wyanne's workshop! She is such an inspiration and I learned some great new techniques.

I'm painting some more of my crazy faces that I call my pain killers. They make me laugh. They are not finished yet.
Hopefully soon I'll have some for sale in my shop.

It's a beautiful day in south Texas and loving it. I'm sitting outside working on my blog and enjoying the breeze. I have to take advantage because at this rate summer and 100 degrees will be on us soon.

Have a great day!