Summer Time Musings

This summer I'm painting over old paintings that I don't like anymore. This one had a lot of paper glued on, and an ugly girl face. I was ready to get rid of her. I won't miss her. Probably one of the first faces I painted. Now it's a mixed media art piece with not as much paper. I think it turned out pretty good, for a refurbished piece. Someone said to leave a little of the old painting in the new piece and that's good advice but I did not do that for this one.
So far it's called Houses on a Hill.
I really enjoyed working on this piece. Not sure why other then it was just fun. Sometimes I think I have to create a masterpiece each time I do a painting. That's so much pressure. It's pressure especially when you start out on a brand new canvas. Canvases are so expensive.
I'd like to carry that freedom over to painting on new canvases. I'm ready. I really want to make art for me, for experimenting, to grow, for meditation and I really don't care what other people think about it.
I'd also like to carry that freedom over to my life. I'm bombarded with this sentiment all the time but I know I don't listen. I always worry what people think about me. It's time to stop. I'm too old.
It's more then "letting go". That is so cliche. I'm sick of hearing it.
Not sure what I'm babbling about but it's time for change. A change in me. I'm excited!
The first thing I'm going to do is try to not wear makeup every time I leave the house. EEEEEK!