Altered Art Journal Letter T

I got to work a little on art this week and it sure felt good after going 3 weeks without it. I have known Texas Girl was to be letter T for a long time. I just could not picture in my head how to do it. I really needed that break.
I guess I'm like all Texans....proud. Although lately I'm a little weary about the heat. We are in a severe drought and it is taking a toll on the environment. Trees are dying, lakes and rivers are drying up and Ranchers and Farmers are losing money. Personally, I love hot weather. I could not live here otherwise. It's just the side effects that are hard to handle. We are not and I repeat we are NOT usually this hot so early in the summer. We need a hurricane to push the high bubble sitting over us off and give us some rain. Where are the hurricanes this year?
But ........ must be careful what we wish for.
On another note, I did get my new car and I did get a convertible. I cried when I turned in my truck. I hated leaving it at the dealership. It was such a good truck and so practical.
Now a new era or chapter in my life has begun. After 10 years riding around in a pickup I switched over to a sassy, frivolous, fun car. I do not need the truck to haul furniture around anymore. I'm simplifying my life. I'll be toodling around in style and acting like a teenage. Words from my Mom....who by the way really enjoyed riding with the top down....even though she would not admit it. She was sooo cute. I put a straw duck bill type hat on her head along with some stylish sunglasses. Imagine an 89 year old lady with that on riding in a convertible.
Oh well we had fun!

Vacation Coming To An End

Jelly fish along the beach as always.....not too many this year.

We were so close to the beach we really did not need to take the truck, but I insisted. We had a lot to carry and Ryan drove it back to the house each day and came and got me when I was ready to go home. He's such a wonderful boy.

Max was always covered in sand. He's soooo cute.

The seahorses are part of one of many Port A"s souvenir shops. They all have some kind of theme.

And some pretty birds at one of the shops.

These are all the photos I will be posting. Hope you enjoyed them
Thanks for looking.

Sunrise on the Beach

I got up early to take these sunrise shots.
While everyone else slept, I tiptoed around the house to round up my, Max, coffee, pail and shovel.
I think I got some really good shots.
More to come tomorrow.

More Vacation Photos

I could stay on the beach and sunbathe all day. I know better now. We set up in the morning and leave about 1:00 or 2:00 pm. My husband was very careful. He did not stay the whole time and usually walked the beach early.
I love the whole concept of packing the ice chest with drinks and food; hauling chairs, blankets and umbrellas, then lather up the sunscreen and just veg out to the sound of the ocean. It's my version of going on a picnic.
Above is a sign to our favorite bar on the beach. It's tacky, been there awhile, has a jukebox, not a place you would take young ones....hmmmm.... maybe that's why we like it.

Vacation Photos

Here we are in our sundresses. I was surprised my daughter took the pink one. She's my daughter after all. She loves pink just like me!!!!! For so long she hated anything I liked.
We do look like a couple of twinkies...
We had fun anyway!

My son looking over the edge of the deck of the house we stayed in.

And then shots of the coastline and seagulls.

More photos to come tomorrow.

Our Trip To Port Aransas

I'm back from vacation and glad to be back to normal. We had a great time! I'll be posting photos of the vacation today, tomorrow and the next day and the next.
I took a ton of pictures by the way.

Here are explanations of the photos above.

I packed some decorations for the deck. My hubby does not understand why and is protesting putting them in the back of the truck.

We like to take the ferry to the Island. It is a tad longer drive to get to Port Aransas from San Antonio but worth the extra time in our minds.

We stayed in an older house right on the beach. The view was fantastic.


Anticipating an event like going on a vacations is half the fun. I'm so ready to go... I can't wait. I've been shopping and burning up the credit card. I found these two dresses at Ross. I love Ross by the way. One for me and one for my daughter. You can't go to the coast without sundresses and flip flops. I also found some tropical shirts for the boys. Now the hard part will be getting my son to wear the shirt. He probably wont be too keen on the idea. I found a bunch of luau decorations at the dollar store. Yes I'm going to decorate the condo. It's going to be party central. You never know.
The back of my truck will be packed to the rim...I'll be so sad when we trade it in. That's another story. I have not gotten a new car. Still looking.
Max is going with us. He is part of the family. He does not like the water, go figure.... he is part lab.
We aren't leaving for a few days. I still have a lot to to do. It all falls on me to pack and get it all together. I don't know what men would do without their wives when it comes to packing. They think putting the stuff in the car is considered packing. I buy all the food, I cook some food in advance, make sure we have all the right appliances and supplies, wash the clothes before we go, clean the house because I don't like to come back to a dirty house and tell the neighbors to water my flowers and pick up the mail. But I'm not complaining!
It will be fun!
Looking forward to being an Island girl for a few days.
Have a happy summer Y'all!