Baden & Vienna Woods Austria My European Vacation

We continue on into Austria. The first stop was a small village called Baden where we had lunch and I drank my first Austrian Radler!  
Yummm so much better then Americas Shandy's.
BTY....radlers and shandy's are beer mixed with lemonade or grapefruit juice or soft drink. I think.

Next 5 photos are form Baden.
Then the rest are from Vienna Woods.

Quickly we had to coach onto Mayerling /Vienna Woods for a tour and to bask in the beautiful Austrian countryside.
We were told this is the place Crown Prince Rudolf of Austria and his lover committed suicide. "Oh What a Scandal back then."

Budapest Hungary My European Vacation

Next stop Budapest Hungary. I absolutely loved Budapest. I'm so glad I got to visit this unique city. We spent three nights and two full days in each of the major cities on this tour. Let me tell you that is not enough time to see everything. I wish I could of stayed a week in each city.
Here are some photos of Buda & Pest.... where the east meets the west.

Bratislava Slovakia My European Vacation

The next stop on my European vacation was a very short visit to Bratislava Slovakia. It was en route to Budapest, so we stopped for a couple hour lunch break and to stretch our legs.
Such a cute and sweet town.  The people reminded me so much of the folks I grew up with in my hometown.
I have to keep reminding myself that these countries were suppressed by communism and only recently have become free.