Je t'aime

ATC's for Valentines.

Just a comment

Well today I joined Monday Artday. I also started another blog here on blogspot for my photo's. I think I need to separate my photo's from art work. This one will be more for artistic challenges and the other one for my photo's and pages. My husband will think I'm going overboard on this, like I usually do. But who cares it's fun. I'm trying to finish a scrapbook I started for my son's graduation. When it is done I want to post it. Not sure if I will figure it out, but I will try. I don't understand illustration friday's requirements. I don't know how to do a thumbnail so I will probably not submit to that one. Well I've been doing this most of the day. My butt is hurting. I need to go for a walk with Max.

Ready for Sunshine

What a beautiful day in south Texas. The rain and cold has finally moved out. The sun is out and the temperature is back to the way I like it. I'm inspired to go out and play with my new macro lens. Since I got it for Christmas I really have not had much chance to use it. I found pictures taken indoors are not very good. I don't like what happens when the flash pops up. I took a few shots with it and realized I need a lot of practice. It will be fun. I like to piddle in my yard. The cold has left a lot of my plants with freezer burn. As always, it's nothing new. Thats the way the landscape looks in mid January. But I thought how neat this lonely purple lantana bloom has survived the freeze. The lantana wont be there long because I'm going to trim it to the ground soon. We will probably have another freeze before the winter is up. I know winter is not over, but I'm already tired of it. The only good thing about cold weather is it makes me do inside art like scrapping and drawing. I'm grateful for this beautiful day so I can get the sunshine on my face. It makes me feel so much better. I don't even mind cleaning the bird poop off my sidewalk. I'm not sure why those birds have not left yet. It seems like its too cold for them to be roosting in my trees. I guess they like it here. Well anyway here is a shot taken with my new macro lens. I like the blur around the edges. I think it is called boka. I'm not sure how it's spelled. But the thing I'm having trouble with it is getting only the bloom in focus. I'll have to work on that.

Pushing Beyond My Comfort Zone

I wanted to push out of my comfort zone by drawing and using faces in my work . I like to draw on paper but drawing on canvas and using paints are difficult for me. I wanted to do this project on canvas because I normally work on paper. I tried to draw this girl straight onto the canvas but it did not work. So I transfered a drawing I did to colored paper and then layered her into the collage. I'm not too happy with how I drew her face. I know I need to improve on that skill. Maybe this was too ambitious for me.

Daisy Boots

I like boots but I can't wear them because my calves are too big. Boohoo. I'm not a big person just big calves. Here is my follow up,another version of "Doodle Bug" from my sketch book/previously posted item. I thought it would be fun to see where boots on flowers will take me. Maybe more will follow.

Doodle Bug

Drawing and doodling while curled up on my bed is one of my favorite things to do. When I was a kid I loved to color in coloring books. I don't color too much any more, but I do keep a sketch book . I usually draw my dog. Practicing swirls and twirls are very relaxing. I decided to post this doodle for inspiremethursday because it is what I do in my comfort zone. It is very fun and silly. A simple free flow idea to paper that represents my work when I don't care how it turns out.

Today I will survive

Yes today I will survive. I will create and be the person I am. I'm not going to let others confuse me. I will do what I have to do. The Lord will lead me. Let the positive energy flow in and take the negative away. I will open my mind to the new ideas that seep in and try to always follow my favorite quote:
"Shoot for the moon, even if you miss it you will land among the stars."

To BLOG or not to BLOG

My new year's resolution is to start this blog. I love to create, so a blog seemed like a fun way to share my art and thoughts with like minded people. Along with starting this blog my real resolution is to do more art. I thought of doing an art a day, but I know I will never do that. At least two or three pieces a week. Maybe. The problem is I like to do too much. I'm a scrapper. So there is scrap pages to keep up with. I make jewelry. I want to do more journals and altered books, and not to mention ATC's. I just got a macro lens for my camera and I want to play with it. Suddenly this blog seems time consuming. Oh well, it's all for art sake. Right.

This is Max

King Max

Ashtanga Yoga

I like this video link to an Ashtanga Yoga demo. It helps me remember what to do.


OK lets get serious. It's a new year, a new day, a new idea. It's time to clear this mumbo- jumbo from my head. Bhutto is dead. An insignificant state will pick my next President. And I'm not to use phrases like "it is what it is" any more. Jessica Simpson better not show up at any more Cowboys games so Tony can complete a pass. And Giada is way too skinny to be a chef. Everyone has gone back to work. I don't want to get out of bed because it's too cold. My house is full of Christmas decorations that need to be put away. I've spent too much time trying to move a draft from edit to post. I still can't do it. I guess I'll just delete and start all over.
So, this year I'm moving on to greater challenges. I'm forcing myself to expand my horizons, such a cliche. In other words do more art work and spend less time in front of the TV.