New Series Girl Portraits On Wood Panels

Birds Eye View

Hot Lips

Mod Girl

A new series of girl portraits that are now listed in my Etsy Shop!

I'm trying something different with my girls.......loose and free. These are small pieces on 8 x 8 wood panel or cradle board. 
I'm enjoying the abstract and not using any paper. However, I love collage and the mixed media use of scrap papers in my art, I just need a little change. 

I also got published in Somerset Studio Gallery again this year.
The summer June issue.

This angel was published in the issue above. On page 32 under Expressions.
Just so excited that I was accepted. It was a late surprise because I was not notified that I was accepted. 

These next two paintings go with the above angel, and were submitted at the same time, but they did not make the cut.  
Not sure why....I guess "Seek Peace" is a little wonky. LOL! 

I love the purple and turquoise hair on "Seek Love". Can't wait to get these back from Stampington. They keep the art you send in for about 6 months. I guess next time I'll just send photos. I was just a little nervous my photos would not be good enough. 
Now I have been working on large abstract art like my Pain Killer series. Some weird stuff has come from that series.
So until next time...have a great day.