Halloween Decorations Some Old Some New

It's almost time for Halloween and I'm ready!..
This year I made a few new decorations and bought some other items to add to the collection. 

Spider is old but the bats are new, and the spider used to be above my mantel.

One new project I did this year was painting these thrift store plastic pumpkins an off white with black eyes. A  very easy and cheap project anyone can do. Not sure why the thrift store charges a $1.00 each which is the same price one can get them brand new at a grocery store.????????

Then add cheap, dollar store flowers in black. So cute I made four and put them in my shabby chic shelves. 

My fire place is a challenge and I really wanted to change it up from last year. It's really wide and the ceiling comes in at an angle in the corner of the room. Ahhhhggg! My only solution is to have a single large item on the wall. Therefore I made a really, really large wreath to hang above the mantel. I thought it turned out pretty good. I put the mesh in at large loopy sections to make it fuller. 

My daughter gave me the rat skeletons from Grandin Road for my birthday. I love them! They look so cute on my dinning table. EEEEk! 

Oh and that reminds me the Eek light up for the mantel is new too. 

Happy, Happy Halloween Y'all!