Inspiration Avenue Weekly Challenge

Hi everyone I'm hosting this weeks challenge at Inspiration Avenue. I decided on Nursery Rhymes. I have not hosted one in awhile because I could not come up with any good ideas. Not that this one is so great, it just popped into my head and so I went with it. Ideas and inspiration happen upon me this way most of the time. I do things intuitively without really understanding why I do it.  For example why I pick one color over another when painting. It's like my hand just reaches for it without much thought. Most of the time when this happens it works. When I try to hard I find it does not work.
I know I'm rambling on about stuff that I'm sure most artist understand. 

My entry is a portrait of Goldilocks.
Goldilocks and the three bears is one of my favorites. I have so many favorites, it was hard to choose. 


My obsession with painting the female face continues.

And my frustration with blogger continues. I have stopped blogging because I  hate blogger. It just does whatever it why has the size of my type gone so small????? and I cant copy and paste anymore.

I'm just going to ignore it and go on. I don't have time to mess with this blog!!!!!!


Flea Market

One of my favorite excursions while in Rome was going to the flee market Sunday morning in the neighborhood of Trastevere. What a charming place to visit and so unlike the rest of Rome.  More and more tourist are making the trek across the river. I guess you can't keep a good thing secret for very long.

 A beautiful must see church, one of the oldest in Rome called "Santa Maria In Trastevere" is there. 

"Santa Maria In Trastevere"
This picture is not that great. You can't see the intricate detail. It's all mosaics. Unbelievable! This is par for Roman Catholic Churches. 

After the flea market we walked around and found this lovely piazza with these musicians playing. 
We drank blood red orange juice and ate snacks. Yummmmm! 

I have so many pictures that I can't possibly show them all or talk about them all. I tried to put them together on a digital stick and they would not fit. I guess I'll have to buy a bigger flash drive. It's always something. This concludes the first week of my trip. I still have a week to go mostly Cinque Terre. That place was gorgeous. Oh my gosh....I already want to go back. So romantic!