Abstract Sort Of

It's more like therapy art. I have a desire to do more abstract, more intuitive paintings right now. Jerry's cancer has come back yet again, so I need some me time. It's kinda been crazy here….Doctors, surgery, radiation, chemo. It's enough to make your head spin and I'm not the one with the cancer.

However, love the color palatte. I think these colors work very well together. It's a fairly large canvas, which is very intimidating. I keep saying I can paint over it…which I can at any time…but every time I look at it….I'm satisfied with it. It's a keeper.
Need more big canvases 'cause I'm ready to do another.

But first I have to retake a million pictures because I was stupid and did not back up my photos for 6 months. That little voice in my head kept saying to back up…but did I listen… No.
And of course I had hard drive failure. Lost so much stuff! The only good thing is I'm still under warranty with apple care. I love, those Geniuses at the Apple store. As far as I'm concerned Apple has the best costumer service around. They are so nice and helpful. I took my computer there and within minutes they diagnosed the problem and computer was fixed in less then 24 hours. Only problem is they won't let me buy more warranty and my computer is just under 3 years old, so what does that tell you?
I'll leave you with that thought.

More Halloween Decorations

I had my Halloween party last Saturday! Yea! Had so much fun but did not take enough pictures. I was so intent on getting shots of each of my guest all dressed up in their Halloween costumes that I forgot to take shots of my food/ dessert table.
The above photo is a yet another pinterest inspired centerpiece. I bought the vase at a thrift store. Gosh I felt lucky to find it because these glass vases can get expensive. This one was in perfect condition. I feel the amount of candy I had to fill up this vase with was quite a lot, to say the least. And, I really had to search high and low for the peep ghost and pumpkins. I finally found them at JoAnn's, a fabric, craft store….of all places. A good tip is to use a paper towel roll in the middle to hold the branches and therefore take up a little space.

 I also made the ghost peep s'mores but did not get a photo of them, dang they were so cute!

These two dessert stands are my favorite. All I did was spray paint the dollar store clear glass candlesticks black and glued them to some cute melmac halloween plates. I found mine at the grocery store. Different size plates and colors add to the whimsey. Oh I forgot the bottom large green plate was a charger I decorated last year with stickers. Like always I use what I have. And the larger candlestick was a wooden one I found at a thrift store for .50 cents. Yea me.

This is one of the halloween aprons I made for my daughter and her friend. Like a dodo I forgot to take a picture of the second one. I was so excited about finishing it in time and getting it to her friend that I did not think about taking a photo. The other one was basically the same just different fabric, just as cute though.

And last but not least …..my dear, sweet friend gave me this Halloween wine glass,….a belated birthday gift.    I love it.      It's sooooo me!
Hopefully these ideas and my previous posts have inspired some of you ghouls out there to make your own halloween decorations. No need to buy fancy pre made decorations when you can do your own.
Have a fun, safe, 

Halloween Decorations

Last year I made these bottles using labels I downloaded off the internet. This year I made the potion books and the decorated skull. The bottles and books are both tutorials I have here on my blog.
Here are the links...
Spells and Magic potions books
Wine Bottle Turtorial

The skull was a fun project. I bought the candlestick at a thrift store and painted it black. I had the skull, so no cost there. I bought some picks at Michaels and the hat I got at Big Lots. Glued everything together with black E 6000.

I made this mantel scarf because I could not find one to fit my fireplace. This fireplace mantel is a goofy size. The sides are at an angle so that was not easy to fit. I think I did a pretty good job since I'm sort of a self taught seamstress. I love going to the fabric stores to pick out fabric. It's almost as much fun as looking through scrapbook paper.

And I painted all of my candlesticks black.

Then I made this banner.  Love, Love, Love.
Another project using stuff I already had. I can't believe I have so many scrapbook supplies. All I had to buy was some card stock for the backing and one or two more orange papers. There really is not a lot of Halloween papers out there right now. Oh and did have to buy the scallopy cut outs for the tops.

Halloween Spells, Potion & Magic Book Tutorial

This is a really, really fun Halloween project. I love making my own decorations, especially for Halloween.
Here is a quick tutorial on how I made these potion books.
They are decorated on the outside covers only. An actual potions recipe book is another craft all together.

Supplies needed.
Hardback books from thrift store.
craft paint ( Ceramcoat Tangerine, Ceramcoat Violet Pearl, Folk Art Yellow Citron),
Scribbles 3D paint (light green)
sticker letters,
tissue paper lime green
distress ink walnut
Black StazOn
Pearl Ex Antique Silver
Matt Medium
Stars and moon stamps,
Strong coffee in spray bottle

Try to find books that do not have the embossed lettering on the spin or anywhere on cover. The raised lettering is hard to remove.
Get sandpaper and rough up the edges of the book and try to take out the title so old letters wont show through the paint.
Spray the inside pages with the strong coffee to make them look old and distressed. Let dry before moving on.

I was experimenting all through this project. I did something different for each of the books. The green Witchcraft book I used tissue paper and scribbles 3d paint. The purple Book of Potions I used a witch hat cut out, with stars and moons stamped all over. The orange book I painted a spider web on the front cover.

The tissue paper technique gives the book a leathery look.
Glue tissue paper directly to the surface of front and back covers with a thin glue /water mixture about half glue, half water.
Take the scribbles paint tube and draw a curly cue design around the edges of front cover. Let this dry for a few hours or even over night. The 3 D paint takes a long time to dry.

While the 3D paint is drying:
Paint the other books,
Draw a witch hat on poster board and cut it out.
Paint the witch hat black and set aside.
If you don't have a star and moon stamp make your own. I cut out a star and moon from craft foam and glued them onto wine corks...This is another fun project I got off Pinterest.

Paint a couple of layers of paint on each of the books before moving on to the distress inking layer.
The purple book I used black StazOn Ink and rubbed all over edges.
The Orange Book I swirled black paint and orange paint together and smeared with my fingertips before using a walnut stain distress ink.
The green book I used Pearl Ex antique silver /matt medium mixture and rubbed into the groves. (Love how this came out.)

Glue the witches hat down, stamp moon and stars, rub more black ink all over.
Paint spider web and spider with black ink pen.
I used left over sticker letters for most of my titles except for a few letters that were missing I had to hand draw these in.
Use what you have and experiment. You don't have to use the same colors I used and change up the cutouts, stamps and distressing products. The tissue paper and scribble paint together turns out really nice.
That's It. Have fun!

Deco Diva Mixed Media Paintings

Here are my latest paintings. I found these girls on pinterest and had to paint them. I've named them Miss Lola, Miss Lolli and Miss Lotus.
They are listed in my Etsy shop. I love the way they turned out.

I did one other painting which I will list next week and that is it for awhile. I'm moving on to making Halloween decorations. Hopefully this year I'll have a Halloween party. I did not get to throw one last year like I wanted. Something always comes up. My daughter wanted to have the Halloween get together last year so what could I do. I'm speaking up early this year.
Very excited about some of the Halloween decorations I'm doing and hope to make at least one tutorial to post here.
Happy, Happy, Happy!

Pretty Background & Vintage Shakers

Hello all. It's been a long time since I've been here. I think the dog days of summer are getting to me. It's so hot here. I don't feel like doing much in this heat. We just got back from the coast and I already want to go back. It's so much cooler on the beach. Oh well.
I have been busy though. I did this background about a month ago and can not decide what to do with it.
I'm also working on a series of girl portrait paintings....two down and one more to go.

I've been digging through my boxes in the garage,{ through the stuff left over from my antique business days}, to see if there is anything else I want to sell in my Etsy shop. It's getting down to the nitty gritty. Some of the items left I'm having a hard time letting go.
I just listed a vintage collection of ceramic lids in my shop. I had them hanging in my kitchen in my old house. I originally bought them for my mosaics. I always thought I would get back into mosaic but don't think so at this point.  I'm having too much fun with mixed media art.

I love the colors in the art pictured above. I found the canvas at a thrift store for $3.00 bucks... and decided to paint over it. I'm sure this is not anything new to some people but I thought I was being clever. Canvases are sooooo expensive!
So now I have a new favorite thing to look for at thrift stores along with vintage salt n pepper shakers.

I got this great idea from pinterest.
Store your glitter in vintage clear glass salt n pepper shakers.

Are they not the cutest??!! I love them. I found all of these in thrift stores expect for the two in the back. They were mine that I never used any more.

Wish me luck surviving this hot Texas heat. We have been in triple digit heat for about a week now. That dam H has decided to sit on top of us again. I hate that H.
I hope we get some rain or a hurricane..anything to push that H off .
Until next time.


Looking for great Barbecue this summer?

Well,,, we found this place just on the south side of San Antonio. We lived here for over 20 years and never been. It's really a neat place in the middle of nowhere. The food is awesome!!!
It has an outside stage for live music in the back.
There are all these wonderful rusty antiques everywhere and a small antique store. Unfortunately the antique store was closed during our visit. Dang!
And I guess it was a recording studio at one time....cool.


Collages And Mixed Media

By The Sea

Butterfly House

Grow Happiness 

Pink Tree House
I'm having so much fun this summer working in my art room. These are my creations made with my little hands. They are all listed in my Etsy shop.
I'm alternating between paper collage and trying to be more painterly...like the beach umbrella.  I would like it to be more abstract but I have a hard time with that. Can't quite grasp abstract yet. I'm too literal. I'll get there...at least that is a goal for me.


Here Comes The Bride

I guess I'm getting a little excited about my son's wedding. It's next April but the planning has already begun.
My daughter and I were invited to go with my son's fiancé to pick out her wedding dress.
So after the excursion I felt the need to make a pretty girl bride painting. This dress is similar to the one she picked out. It has a full skirt with a glittery brooch looking thingy at the waist.
I dont' think they will have a church wedding but I wanted one in my painting.
I did not have a church wedding and always wanted one. My daughter is not married yet. It does not look like my daughter wants a church wedding either...she wants to get married in Vegas. lol!

To me it looks messy because of the way I put the paint on the canvas, but I kinda like it.
And by the way it is for sale in my Etsy shop...
Click here

Mixed Media Houses & Hearts

I just listed these 4 x 4 mini canvas's in my Etsy Shop.

I'm having fun, fun, fun! 

Don't forget to browse through my mixed media section. I've  listed most of the art I've done so far this year. 
More to come. 
I'm on a roll.
Another thing I'm all excited about is... 
I'm going to volunteer at the Helotes Humane Society. 
Can't wait.

Oh and my team made it to the
NBA finals!

Go Spurs Go!

Marnoch Homestead

We have driven by this beautiful historic home on scenic loop drive many a times. I finally convinced hubby to stop to let me take pictures and read the historical marker. I love taking pictures of architecture, especially old buildings like this one. Someone still lives in it, so I could not get too close.

Built with 18 inch limestone. I bet it stays cool in the heat of the summer. Something about it makes me think french...maybe an old french manor with a hint of Texas.

Celebrating Fiesta

Our Fiesta celebration in San Antonio wrapped up last week. It's two weeks of fun events, parades, parties, carnivals and etc. It's really a fun time here. I especially love the night parade.....The Flambeau. I got inspired to paint. Whoopee! The color's are so vibrant and all over the place. It's a crazy festive theme. Who wouldn't be inspired. I can't believe it's taken me this long to paint something fiestaish.
I wanted to do a señorita and this is what I came up with.

I've been inspired by the beautiful dresses the dancers wear so I did these pretty little fiesta girl dancers.  I did one in paint and pen only and one mixed media with all kinks of papers.

Doing the same subject in two different mediums is kinda of fun. I think I'll try this again.

Dress Form Watercolor Doodle

Moving on in another direction. Instead of doodling with pen or pencil I'm doodling with watercolor.  I think I like it. Can't wait to try other subject like faces. I'm sure that will be a challenge!
 I love the freedom of swirling the paintbrush all over the page. 


My favorite spot on the boat! 

Me and the mister just got back from our first ever cruise. It was fun! We went to the Caribbean and visited the ports of Roatan, Belize and Cozumel. It was a seven day cruise with two formal nights...Yikes. LOL! We never dress up anymore so this was a treat for me. We ate and drank too much but that's what vacations are all about...Right? Now I have to go on a diet. Boooo! 

This is our ship the "Crown Princess". We are docked in Roatan. It was a fun day on the beach. Lying in the shade drinking margaritas. Don't worry...I tried very hard to keep my hubby out of the sun. I made him wear those long sleeve fishing shirts whenever possible.
This was my favorite day.......no excursions!

In the picture above we are taking a Tender to the port of Belize. There is no place for the cruise ship to dock so they come get us in these little bitty boats. I don't know any of these people.

Me and one of the native Mayans in Belize. hehe!

The ship to the left in photo above is the "Oasis of the Sea"! It is the largest cruise ship in the world. The ship next  to it is a Carnival ship or maybe a Norwegian not sure but pretty amazing either way!!! Our ship was huge but not as big as this. This photo was taken in Cozumel.

He thinks he looks like Indiana Jones. 

In Cozumel we visited the ancient ruins of Tulum. This was my husbands favorite part. He loves all the history. I would have liked it but we had to be on the pier the morning of the adventure at 7:15 am. Thats too early for vacation. Not just up and ready to go but off the cruise ship down a long dock to small boat by 7:15 am.

This is the beach in Playa Del Carmen. I would have loved to spend the day on this beach but no time. It was on the way to the Tulum ruins. I want to come bace here.

Now back to reality. My Easter decorations.

In a previous post I did a Pinterest craft using Elmers glue and food coloring

This is what I did with the vases I painted with the Elmers glue and food coloring. Ok ......some of them are made with Adirondack Alcohol Inks. I started experimenting because I was not that impressed with the Elmers glue technique. Using the Elmers glue is just a one time thing because if you get the outside of the vase wet the glue gets all sticky and streaky. Ugggg! So I'm trying to find something permanent. The alcohol inks did not fair any better. These bottles will either get tossed in the trash can or scrubbed down and redone.
Anyway they made a great Easter decoration for my mantel.


Hello all!
I've been taking Brave Girls Art School Wing sessions these past few weeks. We are learning how to paint/collage/doodle and stitch, birdies, butterflies and wings. Sooo much fun.

I was getting tired of painting pretty girl portraits and needed a change of pace. Faces are still my passion but it's good thing to do something else.

The two small doodle birdies above are painted with the watercolor crayons on canvas with black ink pens. They are on small 4x4 canvas and so easy to manage. I think these will make great gifts.

This is my collaged birdie made totally with scrapbook papers and lots of doodling. Love my little hummingbird and love, love, love the bright colors.

This last one is my painted birdie. I love his little tail! I used molding paste for the border to give some texture.
The stitching lessons are fun and not sure if I'll do any of them right now. I learned most of the stitches when I was little. My mom embroydered and taught me all of that. The idea of making my own designs and then stitching on a pillow or whatever is really fresh.
I love taking these art workshops online. I wish I could take them all.  I guess I gotta go sell more stuff in my Etsy shop, but not today....there is always tomorrow.