Art Journaling to Stay Sane

I've been in self quarantine for a month now! However, I did go to the Post Office two times because I sold a couple of aprons and I mailed out a homemade face mask to my niece.  She is still working and needed one.

My husband and I are getting take out food from local restaurants to help support them. It's funny because the HEB president suggested doing that because the grocery stores are so over whelmed  so it gives them a break. At least we can go for a drive while staying in the car to get food. A good way to get out of the house without actually getting out, still practicing the social distancing. 

It's sort of a pain because I have to wipe down everything with Clorox wipes and put the food on plates instead of eating right out of the packaging.  And who else is wiping down all the groceries with Clorox before putting them away?

I was not happy with our post office. They had markers down every 6 feet, but a lot of good that does when people walk in through the door right next to one of the markers. What the hell??? They should do like HEB and have one door for for the entrance and the other door for the exit. Have some kind of flow. 

Ok I'm getting my ranting out because this whole mess is getting to me. 
I am making art journal pages regularly probably the only thing keeping me sane. 

The first thing I want to do when this is over is go to the beach! 
Counting the days,

How to Sew A Face Mask Tutorial

Here are some of the ones I've made!

 Make a simple pattern out of paper to use as a guide to cut out the material. 
Cut 2 pieces of fabric at 8 x 10 inches. Cotton fabric is a good choice, blue jean fabric, dish cloth  fabric are other good choices as well.

  With right sides together sew the first seam along the top.
Sew about 1/4 of an inch from the edge.
Flip open and lay your string or seam binding along the edge and pin down. As shown above.
Then pin the other two strings at a 1/4 inch from the bottom edge.
You can use string, elastic, shoe strings, draw strings or even make your own by cutting strips of fabric to make a tie.
I used seam binding because that is what I had. I did not want to go to the store to buy elastic because of the stay at home order.
So I highly suggest using what supplies you have at home.

Sew a 1/4 inch seam around the sides making sure you sew over the ends of the sting to secure in place. For the bottom or top seam, which ever way you look at, you want to leave about a 2 or 3 inch opening, so sew about a 2 inch seam then skip about 3 inches and sew another 2 inches to the end.
Look at the top photo to see the dash marks on the paper pattern to give you an idea of where to sew this last seam.


 Now that you have sewn all around the edges leaving the opening as shown here, you can now flip it back to right side out.
Tug on the strings to pull them out.
If you were careful while sewing the strings it should come out ok.
If not then you have to rip. LOL
Lets hope not!
Just make sure when you are sewing you only sew the ends of the ties.

Now make the folds or pleats.
Get a ruler, pencil and some pins.
Measure one inch from the top edge and mark with a pencil on both sides.
This mark will give you the point to grab the fabric to make the fold.
Fold over toward yourself about a half inch or so and pin down. I like to iron the folds in place before I sew.
Do this step two more times. Mark one inch down form the bottom of each fold. Pin and iron the folds flat. Then take it to the sewing machine to sew the folds in place.
Sew about an half an inch from the sides.
I do two seams on each side.

You can sew the opening down or leave open to place a filter inside the mask for added protection.
I heard vacuum cleaner bags made great filters. 
Cut down to fit inside. 

These homemade mask do not protect you from the corona virus!
I do not make any medical claims.
I made these for some local nurses to use over their N95 mask.

There is a run on Etsy to buy these homemade mask as well.
I have chosen to give mine away instead of selling them.

I made a youtube video to show you how to make a Face Mask.
Here is the link to my video on YouTube

Together But Apart Kitty Kat Art Journal Page

Together But Apart!

I'm staying busy making art because I really don't feel like doing much else.  The art that I want to make is just for fun, like these two silly cats in my art journal.
 I don't feel like sewing any aprons for my Etsy shop. I don't feel like making anything for sale.

I really hope everyone in the USA is taking this seriously. I keep seeing these people in mass gatherings on the beaches among other places that I've seen on the news. It's such nonsense! It's kinda making me mad. All this craziness is making me crazy!
Wake up people! Stay at home!
But I know I should not preach, and I won't. 
So I'm taking this time to figure out what I want to do with my Etsy shop, with my art, with my life. I just can't see pushing my aprons in these times. 

I know this will pass and we are all in this together. 
Just taking one day at a time.
Trying to stay sane and healthy.
Stay safe everyone,

Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass but learning to dance in the rain.

I started a mixed media art journal at the beginning of the year, like I always do. Then because of some madness on my part I decided to film myself working in it for my YouTube channel
I'm doing a four part series on easy ways to make backgrounds for an art journal.
The second video is how to make a collage background. The picture above is how it eventually turned out. 
With all the craziness going on I felt an uplifting quote was what we all need. 
I'm trying to stay positive even though I freak out at least once a day, but then I go do some art and I feel better again. 

Here is the link for How to make a collage background 

Here is the link for Easy Color blocking 

Hugs to everyone, and stay home #flattenthecurve.

Things To Do If You Are Self Quarantined But Not Sick From The Coronavirus / Practicing Social Distance

I'm sure everyone has been affected by the coronavirus at this point in some way shape or form.
I'm upset because we were supposed to be on vacation this week. I spent hours Thursday rescheduling the event. Now I've decided to just stay home as much as possible. I'm not sick, my husband is not sick, but I'm going to limit myself from crowds and unnecessary trips to the grocery store or out to eat. You know that kind of stuff.  I don't even want to say I'm doing a self quarantine, because I'm not. I will go to the store when I need food. I did not panic buy, besides I was supposed to be away on vacation so I did not stock up on food.

I started thinking about what to do for the next two weeks assuming the virus will start to die down by then.
I actually think this will be good for everyone to stay home and sort of reset.
So here are a few ideas on what to do if you are self quarantined and not sick.

Take a walk around your neighborhood and take some pictures. It's spring and our bluebonnet season is in full bloom, so I bet there are spring flowers blooming in lots of places.  It's a good idea to stay active and get some exercise. 

Next idea is quite obvious....start spring cleaning, disinfecting, because I'm sure you bought a multi-pack of Clorox disinfecting wipes, so use them. Don't stop there. Wash pillows, blankets and items that have not been used in awhile. Start to declutter closets, drawers, go through your clothes and start a donation box, get rid of clothes that you have not worn in a year.
Clean out the laundry room, rearrange your pantry, vacuum under the fridge and under or behind the washer and dryer. Wipe down blinds, clean windows all those things you hate to do. Do them now!

Oh and here is something I will definitely be doing and that's polishing my grandma's silverware. I couldn't use mine the other day for a family get- together because they were all tarnished. I might even pull my husband in to help me with that chore.

If you have any hobbies that you have not done in awhile now is the time to get back into them. Of course hobbies that don't involve crowds, but things like reading a novel, scrapbooking, painting, sewing, cooking, gardening, learning something new.
Weed the flower bed or lawn. Get the kids involved in that. Give them a plot to work on....I'm sure they will love that. 

Meditate, learn if you don't know how. There are tons of meditation apps out there. I use Insight Timer. It's free. I love it.
Just get creative. I don't think we should panic.... stay busy, relax, write letters, talk to people on the phone, stay in touch with loved ones.
I know I feel better when I have a plan. 
Take care everyone.
Hugs and lots of love.

PS I hope you liked my bluebonnet photos. All taken with my iPhone. The first one is a live shot with the bounce effect.