Finding Magic At Paint Mojo Austin 2015

Last weekend I attended my first live art class since I was in college. WOW! 
I can't believe it, but I finally did it. I took part in "Paint Mojo" by Tracy Verdugo.  
A two day retreat style art class in Austin. Tracy Verdugo from Australia is doing a 9 month long tour teaching art classes all over the world. She started out in California, then made her way to New Mexico and then did a 3 city tour in Texas.....Houston, Dallas and Austin.

So happy I was able to take this class.

Tracy and Me with our Paintings

My almost finished  painting! 

Mine half way !

Just after a few steps!


This class was such a neat experience! I love Tracy's concept and love her teaching style.
 All my class mates were supper cool and sweet. No pressure, no judgement, just a bunch of creative people in their zone trying to find a little magic in art.
I'm not sure what to call my painting yet.
I found an eye of a fox immediately and then some birds and last the bear.
Everyone is calling it a fox, but in my heart it is a coyote.  I live in a neighborhood with lots of wildlife. My backyard backs up to a ravine. I'm on a hill and we see and hear coyote's all the time. We have hawks, owls and many, many types of birds flying all around. At night the rabbits come out. I've seen bobcats and maybe even a mountain lion. Not sure about that last one, but whatever it was it was a huge cat. 
So naturally I would see these animals in my painting.
I can't wait to do another painting to see what kind of animal will emerge!
Love, love my Coyote!