Autumn Flowers

Thanksgiving Flowers
 I thought it would be nice to enjoy these fall flowers a little bit longer. These were my centerpiece for the Thanksgiving table this year. They still look fabulous. It's still autumn after all. I know the Christmas / Holiday season is in full swing but geeezzz I want to enjoy fall a little longer. I'm going to start decorating the house for Christmas this week. My husband did the yard this weekend. We decorate right after Thanksgiving every year because things get so hectic so fast  and it's so much work to put Christmas decorations upthat I like to have them around for more then a week or two. So enjoy these for now because things are going to change quickly. :))))))

On another note hehe...I'm doing the cyber monday sale over at Etsy. All of my broken china charms, pendants and earrings are on sale. 
Here is the link 

Happy Thanksgiving

It's time to think about Turkey!
Hope yours is thawing in the refrigerator. Don't wait until the night before to thaw it out. 
I'm rummaging through recipes and cleaning house. I'll be busy the next few days so I'm wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving now before I forget! 
Have fun and eat lots of pie.

Turkey Apron

"Lets Talk Turkey"

It's funny how things change on a dime. I was not going to list my aprons on Etsy because I'm doing a show and needed items to fill in the gaps. Well now the show may not happen....but not sure. I'm listing them anyway. It can't hurt. I'll have to shut down Etsy on the day of the show if it happens. I hate not knowing.
On another note I was not going to host Thanksgiving this year now I am. I was not going to have our family Holiday Party this year now I am. All this on top of having our own immediate family Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  It's no wonder I'm starting to freak out.
I also made a new blog. I wanted an art gallery blog just for my paintings. It's a work in far I only have one item in it.
You can click here to check it out. It's called Charlotte's Collection to tie in with my shop and company name.  Click here if you want to see more photos of the Turkey Apron.  I love this apron! I made one for  myself. Don't know why I'm so into aprons right now. I'm really going crazy making them. I made some for Halloween and now I'm making Christmas....they are all so cute I'm squealing....heehee. It doesn't take much to get me excited.

Day Of The Dead

Day of the dead alter

Today is Dia de los Muertos or Day of the Dead. This is my little alter for my parents. 
I wanted to do a "day of the dead" painting for mom and dad.  Mom passed so recent and making art has been so therapeutic, I thought doing one would be nice.  However, I could not make myself put skulls in the painting. I just couldn't, so the painting turned into more of a vintage wedding photo than a day of the dead painting.
I made some sugar skulls and painted them. The alter can have their favorite foods, pictures of them and so on.