I like this and that

My friend Sherry made a list of all the things she likes and posted it on her blog. I was so impressed by it I decided I had to do one of my own. This is my list of all the things I like.

I like pink........pink roses, pink pansies, pink flamingos and poodles....pink hair, pink paper, pink rhinestones, glitter and lace. I also like pink tops that go with my pink sandals and pink nail polish for my toes. I like pink sheets with pretty little flowers and if I could I would have a pink bathroom with pink towels and pink soap.

I like animals.....
I like dogs, cats, horses and donkeys....elephants, monkeys, tigers and yes even snakes.
I like the way my dog sleeps on his back with his paws pointed to the ceiling. I like the sound and feel of a kitten's purr. I like the twist in a piggy's tail and how a horse's tail gently flows in the wind.

I like long summer days and sitting on my back porch when it rains. I like to catch lightning bugs and put them in a jar. I like hummingbirds, butterflies and rainbows.

I like popular and soft rock music with a little Texas country on the side.

I like that I was born and raised in Texas. I like everything about Texas......It's vastness, diversity and pride. I like Texas singer songwriters like Robert Earl Keen and Pat Green.
I like to go to county fairs and walk around with a beer in one hand (a Shiner Bock) and a
corn -on -the cob in the other. I like to ride the Ferris Wheel, play carnival games and dance the cotton eyed joe.
I like the Aggie Band, Texas Longhorn football and watching my kids play sports.

I like the beach......to feel the sand between my toes and to hunt for seashells, sand dollars and treasures. I like to ride the ferry and watch the dolphins dive in and out of the water as they follow along ...... And I like the laughing seagull as he tries to find something to eat.

I like to laugh.

I like to go to dinner and a movie. I like to read. I like creativity. I like to take pictures, draw and paint.
I like to travel. I like Las Vegas and New York and I'd like to go to Paris. I like the Fleur de Lis, the Eiffel Tower and Pepe Le' Pew.

I like Disney movies.....Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and The Lady and the Tramp.

I like Coke, fries and a hamburger with everything on it, add jalapenos, mustard and mayonnaise.

I like my moms home cooking....... her chicken noodle soup, kolaches and vanachca.

I like the smell of fresh cut grass and roses blooming in my garden. I like small towns, antiquing and a drive through the country.
I like corn fields, cotton fields, and round bales of hay.

I like to dress up or dress down. l like to wear blue jeans, T shirts and flip flops. I like chandelier earrings and large vintage brooches.

I like girls night out, slumber parties and happy hour.......margaritas, pina coladas and cosmopolitans.....Blue Moon or Dos Equis with chips and salsa.

I like vintage, retro, and art deco style, Hollywood Movies and South Beach Miami.

I like weddings and proms. I like costume parties, Halloween and Christmas. I like to decorate and plan.

I like to sleep.

I like to take it easy, to relax and to daydream.

Oh...... and I like the internet, facebook and my blogging friends.

This was so much fun to do..... I hope you do one too. And if you decide to make a list of your own please leave a link here for me to follow.

Have a happy blogging day!

My Dad My Hero

In honor of Memorial Day.
My Dad is my hero. I know I'm a little late in posting today but better late then never.
My dad served in World War II. He was a private in that horrific war. I wish I would have asked him more questions when he was around . He is no longer with us. He left us in 1997. He would be 89 if he were still alive. He was a small town farmboy with a wife and a baby when he got the letter. I think he was about 23 or 24 years old when he was drafted. He was a soldier in the army and rode on a tank. He slept in fox holes. He was a sharpshooter. He was under Patton and fought in the Battle of the Bulge. He marched into Paris when it was liberated like they show in all the movies. He said a woman ran up to him and wrapped her scarf around his neck. He was never hurt other than he was picked up for battle fatigue.
The war affected him greatly, but he never complained. Since he never wanted to talk about it we never knew how much it bothered him. It was not until a few months before he passed away that he broke down and cried about it.
This is all I know about his war career. We will never know what he had to go through. I can only imagine.
Thanks Lulu for giving me the inspiration to write this post.

"Girl With The Pearl Earring"

I can report good news! The biopsy taken on my husband's lymph node came back negative. We can all breath easy for now. He is a high risk for melanoma but this is to be expected with his skin. He is a whitey living in south Texas. I say this jokingly. He has had basal cell carcinoma before but this was the first time for melanoma. And what an ordeal he had to go through for this tiny patch. He had to have plastic surgery because of the location which was on the inside of his right knee. This is why he has a brace and on crutches. Oh ..... and I've been waiting on him hand and foot. He wanted a cow bell to ring when he needs me...but I said no with a capital N.O. It really has not been too bad waiting on him but of course it has only been one week. I'll wait until week two or three to pass judgement. He thinks he is going back to work soon....I don't see it.
Oh and by the way this is my latest painting and my latest trick in Photoshop.

Another Banner

I just made this banner for my blog....but I think I like the old one better. What do you think?
This one or the one I'm using currently. Working in P.S. is so addicting. It is also calming to work in when frustrated and mad. It does not matter if you mess up because it's so easy to fix.
I'm so mad I could spit. I just got a ticket this morning for rolling through a stop sign. I hate such petty tickets. Why can't the cops look for real criminals. Don't they have anything better to do than give little old me a ticket for rolling through a stop sign????? I was in a hurry to get back home because I don't like to leave Jerry alone for too long. And this is what I get!

An Update

"Go for it now the future is promised to no one."

This is how I feel right now. Life if short. I know, I know we hear it all the time. But do we really ever listen until something happens to us personally to make us realize the truth in these cliches.
Ever since my husband was diagnosed with melanoma, I have been having horrible dreams about death. My dreams are always vivid and tend to be on the weird side anyway but lately they are awful. I've been told I over react too. And personally I hope I have over reacted in this case. The surgery is over. He is home and on crutches for a few weeks. Now we have to wait again. He had one lymph node taken out so we have to wait for the results. At least the Doctors are happy and positive and act like they got it all. But until I know for sure, I will be nervous.

Digital Collage Sheet

Align Center
I listed this collage sheet over at my Etsy store. Aren't the pig and sheep cute? I got them in an antique store. They are vintage scrapbook embellishments. I found some rabbit ears and thought they would be fun to use in art journals etc.
I am also working on another painting. It seems to be taking longer than normal to finish. Oh well as long as I see progress I'm happy.
I hope everyone is enjoying their spring. We didn't
get much of a spring this year. It went straight into summer. It's 90 something right now and supposed to hit 98. My poor plants are wilting away and it's not even June. Sooooo....I'm headed outside to water my flowers.

In need of patience

My back porch is my little piece of heaven. I like to sit and read out there whenever I can. I rinsed off the concrete Saturday but I really, really, can't wait to get the neighbor kid over to give it a good cleaning with the pressure washer. I get ansy when it's good weather and it is not clean enough to sit. I'm not a very patient person. It's not one of my virtues. Lack of patience is reason number one why I'm going a little crazy these past few days. Silently freaking out because my husband did not want anyone to know he has melanoma skin cancer.
Finally the news is out. I think everyone knows because he is having the surgery next monday. He had to tell his work because he will be out for 2 to 4 weeks. The worst part is we do not know if it has spread. He has caught it early and the Dr. is not worried, so that is good news. I however will not be happy until I know for sure.
He is going to try to work from home after a couple of weeks and I think it is a great idea however now I'll have to share my office with him. Oh, and change is not something I take to very well either. His office is shutting down the end of summer and everyone in the office will work out of his or her home. That is good thing for him but I thought I had all summer to get ready for the transition. Oh well. I hope we don't kill each other spending so much time together. It will be interesting.