Medieval Skyline Series Art Paintings by Charlotte Littlejohn

Since my vacation to Europe I've been having so much fun painting this series called "Medieval Skylines".  I'm so inspired by the architecture from Europe, that I had to paint my memories from that beautiful landscape.  I love the old world. I can't believe some of these structures are still around. The gothic cathedrals are unbelievable.
I went to Paris last year and got to see Notre Dame and it was amazing. I love the baroque style architecture in Paris.
I got to see some beautiful churches in Rome a few years before I went to Paris. Rome is so very ancient and has a look of its own. When I went to Prague this year I really did not know what to expect. Prague is awesome looking as well and has a unique fairy tale feel. I love, love, love it!
Prague is very old like Rome but has the baroque architecture that I love form Paris. So very cool! Prague is wonderfully colorful evan though it's so old. The orange rooftops make it unique and the gothic cathedrals make the skyline.
So here are some of the paintings I did as a result of my trips to Europe. I have them listed in my Etsy shop.

Fairy Tale Castles & Houses

Salzburg Austria My European Vacation

The last city visited on my tour was Salzburg Austria. I'd love to come back and stay awhile. It's so quaint, beautiful and historic. Nested in the hills with a castle on top, lovely old buildings, narrow streets and cafes, the oldest restaurant in Europe, home of Mozart and Maria Von Trapp from the Sound of Music. And yes I did take the Sound of Music tour. It was fabulous.
Here are some photos...enjoy because this is the last post on my vacation.

Danube River Cruise My European Vacation

Only a couple of legs left on my trip. From Vienna not far down the road we caught a river boat in Krems to get a lovely morning cruise down the Danube. We got off the boat in Spitz and went on to visit the Melk Abby and have lunch. Next stop Landzeit which was just gorgeous scenery! But no real rest here just a quick potty break. Then it was on to Salzburg, which was the last city visited on this wonderful trip. 
Next time I'll show pictures of Salzburg.

Vienna Austria My European Vacation

I did not get to see a lot of Vienna. It was rainy and nasty the day we had a free day. I should not judge the city this harshly but I really was not that impressed and it was my least favorite city on the trip.
Here are some photos of the architecture and some landmarks.  It really is a beautiful city with a lot of culture.