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I'm exhausted! What a weekend from @$%^##! Friday....I woke up like normal and walked into my son's room to turn on the computer...walked out like always and got a cup of coffee, ate a little breakfast, did a little journaling and of course watched a little TV. Then I noticed this screeching sound and at first I thought it was the TV....but no it was my computer screaming. It was making this horrible noise. It would not load. It was stuck and screaming at me. So I unplugged it and took it to the repair shop....long story short....we decided to get a new computer.
So now comes the fun stuff...for computer geeks.....maybe. My husband is the computer geek in the family even though I'm always on this thing. I just want things to work. Is that too much to ask for? It took us two days to get this new computer to the way I want it. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad I got this new computer. It's a lap top and I now can take it anywhere in the house to work. We set up wireless Internet whooohooo. My husband already had it for his PlayStation by the way, so no big deal. Wrong! That alone took half a day. Everything is set up and I'm good to go other then transferring some data. My biggest problem and the one that caused me the most heart ache was that my camera which is not that old would not work. I could not find drivers to install it. Canon is not supporting this vista os thingy. So I have to buy another gadget just to retrieve my photos from my camera. A card reader is what is needed. No big deal, everything is working out...ha! This new mouse is driving me crazy.

Another Art Journal Page

Here is my redhead girl. She is always asking Why? At least I feel I ask "Why?" most of the time.
Just like now ..... I just joined Facebook. Why? ......I did not really want to....But my sister-in-law Kelly has asked me numerous times to join. My friend Laurel invited me as well, so I gave in. Hopefully it wont take up too much time. Right! We will see. I'm already addicted to this blog. Now I'll have something else to manage. So I joined Facebook because Kelly wanted me to see her kitchen. She is in the midst of remodeling it. I join, go to her wall and no pictures of her kitchen.
I have to get go....I have tons of work to do. I have to get my taxes together.... ugh!

Living The Dream

"Living the dream"
I heard this saying twice last week, by two different people. When I asked how they were, the response was "living the dream". At first I thought they were being sarcastic, but I realized later they were not. I think it is wonderful. What a nice way to live your life, to be so positive and happy. And then I realized I am too. So from now on when someone ask me how I'm doing, this will be my response. Of course it is easier said than done, but I will try.

I bought this lovely book about Gretta Garbo in an antique store. The photos are great. I got this photo from the book. Obviously I altered it somewhat in my photo editing program. I guess it is OK to use this photo here on my blog. I don't want to break any copyright laws. I was wondering if it would be Ok to sell some of the images like this one on my etsy shop. Can anyone tell me if I would be breaking any laws if I did?

Letter R in Altered Art Journal

It's spring break here and my son is home. I'm not doing much in the studio, but I did manage to finish this page. It is called Rock & Roses.

Collage Sheets

This is one of the collage sheets I've been working on. I'll do some shameless advertising here. I listed them on my etsy store. I said I've got my hand in too many mediums, but this is where my creativity has lead me. I got this idea and decided to run with it. It is an alphabet collage sheet. I revamped an element I loaded in my photo editing program and thought it would make a nice set of letters. I made the complete set of the alphabet. It is in pdf file but I can send it out in jpeg too. The best part there is no shipping charges. I did two other collage sheets also. It has been loads of fun to work on. I'm still into my painting and journals. I'll never give that up but this was a nice diversion.


I need to take this time to reflect, to fill my well. Today is a good day to do it. My prayers have been answered...The rain has finally made it's way to us. Rainy days are so nice especially since it is something scarce.
Today would be a good day to wallow in my bed. I love that word.....wallow.
I want to be able to wallow like my dog. He rolls and wallows on the grass....on the carpet. He seems to get such pleasure out of it.......wiggling from side to side with his feet up in the air.
I tried it once.....It's not easy to do.
Dogs really know how to live.
So.....anyway I'm going to go do some wallowing.....LOL...
Want to join me?

Art Journal Page

I love the bridges in New York City. It would be nice to go back.

I feel I'm on hold....waiting...waiting.... waiting for

Just Another Monday

Hello everyone. Hope y'all had a wonderful weekend. Mine was busy as usual. I don't know where the time goes but it goes quickly. I worked out in the yard because my grass could not see the sunshine for all the leaves. It is spring break here already. My son's is next week, so looking forward to having him home again. We have had spring weather here in San Antonio for a few days/weeks. It is supposed to get cold again by the end of this week. Hopefully some rain will come with it. We need it terribly! I'm afraid we will turn into a dust bowl just like in the 30's, depression and no rain.
I'm busy doing my thing making art, although I keep getting pulled in different directions. I love to work in too many mediums. I guess that is a good thing. I just can't seem to perfect any one because of it.
So I'm off to work in my studio/art room for a bit and then to Hobby Lobby my favorite store to buy more supplies.
Enjoy your Monday.

Letter Q In Altered Art Journal

I'm on letter Q in my altered art journal. Nine more letters to go, but who is counting.
I'm still the Queen of Me.
Right On!
How else can you be? It's the only way to be. Make your world your castle and live like you are its queen. No matter how big or small your house is it's what you make of it, be happy and be the Queen!

Sisters Art Wall Hanging

Wow it seem like a long time since I posted last! I developed an eye allergy to my make-up. Blahhhh. My eyes were so itchy and swollen. I had to throw away all of my make-up and buy a different brand. I had to stop wearing it for a while. I have not felt like doing much lately. I think it was more than eye allergies. My head was clogged up and my nose was running, just an all around yukky feeling.
But things are better now! I'm back to my normal self. I'm doing my little art dance....where I twirl around so fast doing things I get dizzy. Sometime I don't know if I'm coming or going. I catch myself standing in the middle of the room in some deep thought. Then I have to remember what I was doing or where I was headed next. I love it. This is when I'm at my most creative.
This here is a cute little wall hanging of the sisters print. It is listed on my Etsy shop. It is a photocopy of the print, then sandwiched between glass and soldered. I added the beaded hanging, which I hand beaded much fun.