The Winner Is!.....

The winner of my 100th post Giveaway is the lovely and talented artist Shariyah Garner! Please click her name and visit her blog and Etsy shop. She produces beautiful work and she is only 24 years old. So talented! She is having a giveaway on her blog too. A limited edition artist block print is the prize.
Thank you to everyone who entered my little giveaway. I'm wishing you all a wonderful, blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Here is another picture I took of our visit to the Riverwalk last Saturday evening. I love it there! I had a good time even though my kids got tired of me taking pictures. It was so beautiful I could not help myself.

Sherry at EspritDArt just informed me my interview with Mind Wide Open is up and running.
I'm so honored and yet feel exposed. LOL. I have never been interviewed period...for anything.

Riverwalk San Antonio

Going to the Riverwalk to see the Christmas lights is a real treat for me. We can act like tourist in our own city. I'm practicing taking night shots with my camera. This shot is my favorite. I got some other good ones and I'm posting them on my other blog. The Riverwalk is wonderful this time of year. The weather is awesome. There are all kinds of fun events going on: arts and crafts for sale, carolers singing on the river boats and of course all the fabulous restaurants. The riverboat ride never gets old to me. The best part is doing this with my family.


Here is my Angel painting. "Wish". The original is going to be a gift for one of my family members. I'm not going to say who in case they happen to stop by. That will never happen because none of them blog. I will be listing it as a giclee print over on my Etsy shop.
I still have loads of Christmas shopping and decorating to do. I did manage to get the tree up yesterday. Boxes are everywhere and the outside lights need to be hung. I'm waiting for my son to come home from college to help me with the outside lights. I'm sure he will be thrilled.
I can't seem to pull myself away from this computer long enough to get any work done.
Don't forget to leave a comment so you can be entered into my 100th. post giveaway. The drawing will be Dec. 17th. I'm giving the Kiss pendant away. And leave an email for me if yours is not listed on your profile.
Merry Christmas,

100th Post GiveAway

Hugs and kisses!
I am giving away this Kiss memory glass pendant in honor of my 100th. post.
Wow how time flies! I joined this wonderful blogging community the beginning of this year.
So here are the rules.
All you have to do is post a comment and you will be entered into the drawing. I will be taking entries until December 17th. Then a name will be drawn out of the pot. Don't forget to leave your email if it is not listed somewhere easy for me to find.
Good luck!


I have not been taking too many pictures lately, and my painting is taking a while to finish. So... I thought I would post a sketch instead. I have not been too inspired to work in my altered art journal either. I'm looking forward to taking Pam's journal workshop to get some fresh ideas.
I hope everyone enjoys my Christmas music. I love to listen to the old songs from Christmas. They bring back some great memories.

Work In Progress

I hope everyone's Thanksgiving was fun and spent with family and friends eating lots of turkey and pie. That's exactly how mine was. Now I have to get back to normal and stop eating so much. I also have to turn my thoughts to Christmas and all that goes along with it. I am determined not to get stressed out this year. I am going to enjoy Christmas and try to get into the Christmas Spirit. I usually have all my decorations down from the attic by now, so I am already behind. I do not care. I'm not going to let it bother me....small lol, more like a hah! I can't do it by myself any more. The boxes are too heavy and my back just will not let me.
I started this painting before Thanksgiving and I'm going to try to work on it today. I am itching to get back to the studio. It was nice to have a break from the art work and blog world. It's good to get away and fill the well so to speak. I'm aware of how I am enjoying the moment and living for today. I am just now learning how to do this. I'm the worlds worst at thinking too far ahead and dwelling on past problems. I know there is a happy medium. You can't not think of your future, but at the same time you can't forgo the day for thinking too much. So here's to living in the moment.