My Dad My Hero

In honor of Memorial Day.
My Dad is my hero. I know I'm a little late in posting today but better late then never.
My dad served in World War II. He was a private in that horrific war. I wish I would have asked him more questions when he was around . He is no longer with us. He left us in 1997. He would be 89 if he were still alive. He was a small town farmboy with a wife and a baby when he got the letter. I think he was about 23 or 24 years old when he was drafted. He was a soldier in the army and rode on a tank. He slept in fox holes. He was a sharpshooter. He was under Patton and fought in the Battle of the Bulge. He marched into Paris when it was liberated like they show in all the movies. He said a woman ran up to him and wrapped her scarf around his neck. He was never hurt other than he was picked up for battle fatigue.
The war affected him greatly, but he never complained. Since he never wanted to talk about it we never knew how much it bothered him. It was not until a few months before he passed away that he broke down and cried about it.
This is all I know about his war career. We will never know what he had to go through. I can only imagine.
Thanks Lulu for giving me the inspiration to write this post.


  1. Charlie, what a handsome man he is. How little so many of us know about the people we love. We never know what it is that some people carry in their hearts because they just cannot speak the words...

    My dad could not serve because of health reasons. He was one of very very few people in his area that did not serve and it bothered him tremendously. All his brothers exc the 6 year old and himself went.

    He has never gotten over the feeling (or others' unkind remarks to him at that time) that he was not doing anything "worthwhile for his country."

    Thank you for sharing this.
    Your Friend in Athens, Candace

  2. What a loving tribute to your father Charlie. And a tribute in effect to everyone who serves whether they have seen battle or not.

    Your father had an amazing career during the war and had much to be proud about. As with many veterans, they didn't talk about their experiences but near the end of their lives they talk and unburden...share some of the glory maybe but also let out the horror and the overwhelming sadness that war is about. Your words bring that home to all of us.

  3. Sweet Sweet Charlie~

    This is such a lovely and touching post about your Dad. He was so handsome. I love the picture of him you posted along with your tribute to him.

    Much love to you my dear friend,