Altered Art Journal Letter T

I got to work a little on art this week and it sure felt good after going 3 weeks without it. I have known Texas Girl was to be letter T for a long time. I just could not picture in my head how to do it. I really needed that break.
I guess I'm like all Texans....proud. Although lately I'm a little weary about the heat. We are in a severe drought and it is taking a toll on the environment. Trees are dying, lakes and rivers are drying up and Ranchers and Farmers are losing money. Personally, I love hot weather. I could not live here otherwise. It's just the side effects that are hard to handle. We are not and I repeat we are NOT usually this hot so early in the summer. We need a hurricane to push the high bubble sitting over us off and give us some rain. Where are the hurricanes this year?
But ........ must be careful what we wish for.
On another note, I did get my new car and I did get a convertible. I cried when I turned in my truck. I hated leaving it at the dealership. It was such a good truck and so practical.
Now a new era or chapter in my life has begun. After 10 years riding around in a pickup I switched over to a sassy, frivolous, fun car. I do not need the truck to haul furniture around anymore. I'm simplifying my life. I'll be toodling around in style and acting like a teenage. Words from my Mom....who by the way really enjoyed riding with the top down....even though she would not admit it. She was sooo cute. I put a straw duck bill type hat on her head along with some stylish sunglasses. Imagine an 89 year old lady with that on riding in a convertible.
Oh well we had fun!


  1. Sassy, sporty and fun -- being a teenager...just would not have HAD a car like that when you were a teenager, so now you can enjoy the freedom!!

    I love Texas is amazing. I have to say I think it's the best page in this journal...maybe because it is all of who you are coming through the art??? F.A.N.T.A.S.T.I.C.

    And I pray you have some relief from the drought and heat soon!

  2. OMG, you go girl! I have been looking for a 1959 Mustang, Candy Apple Red with white leather interior and a rag top for years and still haven't come across one yet. There is still time :)

    I am LOVING Texas Girl! I agree with Sherry...This is the best one yet!

    xoxo, LuLu~*