Anticipating an event like going on a vacations is half the fun. I'm so ready to go... I can't wait. I've been shopping and burning up the credit card. I found these two dresses at Ross. I love Ross by the way. One for me and one for my daughter. You can't go to the coast without sundresses and flip flops. I also found some tropical shirts for the boys. Now the hard part will be getting my son to wear the shirt. He probably wont be too keen on the idea. I found a bunch of luau decorations at the dollar store. Yes I'm going to decorate the condo. It's going to be party central. You never know.
The back of my truck will be packed to the rim...I'll be so sad when we trade it in. That's another story. I have not gotten a new car. Still looking.
Max is going with us. He is part of the family. He does not like the water, go figure.... he is part lab.
We aren't leaving for a few days. I still have a lot to to do. It all falls on me to pack and get it all together. I don't know what men would do without their wives when it comes to packing. They think putting the stuff in the car is considered packing. I buy all the food, I cook some food in advance, make sure we have all the right appliances and supplies, wash the clothes before we go, clean the house because I don't like to come back to a dirty house and tell the neighbors to water my flowers and pick up the mail. But I'm not complaining!
It will be fun!
Looking forward to being an Island girl for a few days.
Have a happy summer Y'all!


  1. Charlie, I hope you and yours have a wonderful wonderful vacation, including Max the Un-Lab. What is up with him? LOL.
    Those dresses are so lovely, I might have to "redo" them in my head and make some little paper girls for them.
    Take care!

  2. I hope you all will have a fabulous time!

    I love ROSS can't beat their prices. It's almost time for me to go there and load up on some new things :)

    Make sure to take lots of pics to share with us when you get back.