Our Trip To Port Aransas

I'm back from vacation and glad to be back to normal. We had a great time! I'll be posting photos of the vacation today, tomorrow and the next day and the next.
I took a ton of pictures by the way.

Here are explanations of the photos above.

I packed some decorations for the deck. My hubby does not understand why and is protesting putting them in the back of the truck.

We like to take the ferry to the Island. It is a tad longer drive to get to Port Aransas from San Antonio but worth the extra time in our minds.

We stayed in an older house right on the beach. The view was fantastic.

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  1. Love the photos and the place you stayed (from what you've shared so far) looks great!! Poor hubby..packing the "gee gaws" and "do dads" and he doesn't get it -- men don't, do they??? I'd have done exactly the same thing Charlie -- you have to make the place your own in all the little ways!! :)