Whitcy Art Bag

I've listed this art bag on Etsy. It's very similar to the one I did a few weeks ago. I think it will make a great artist tote bag for your sketch books, pencils, etc.
The dress form it is hanging on is something I decorated a few years ago long before I started blogging. I used it for display in my shop. It's a little quirky, but I love it.
We are having a beautiful day in south Texas! The weather is definitely changing. It's an overcast cloudy morning so the temps are down. Summer is not over yet, but I can feel fall coming on. I can't wait.
It's a nice day to go for a drive with the top down. It's been so hot we've been driving only at night or early morning. Max and I are off to Sonic to get a little lunch. We love to go to Sonic.
A great place to go in a convertible. It's an old fashioned drive in hamburger restaurant. The girls don't come out on skates much any more. Once in a while a girl will deliver the orders on skates. I'm sure it's not easy to do, but it's so cute.
I better go before the sun comes out and it gets too hot.
Y'all have fun...until next time.


Back In The Studio

It sure feels good to do another one of my girls. It's been a while. I'm thinking around June was the last time I painted a face. I needed the break. It is funny where my muse leads me. I never thought I would be sewing. It's been years since I sewed. Sewing the cupcakes and the art bag brought out another creative side. I usually hate the fact that I'm all over the place with my art. The saying" Jack of all trades and master of none" fits me to a T. Well I've come to embrace this. I have to go where my muse leads me and if she leads me to sew then so be it, and if she leads me to make digital art, or mosaic jewelry, or whatever I'll go there too.

I love the quote used in this journal page "I may have not gone where I intended to go but I think I have ended up where I intended to be."
Could not say it better.

Y'all have a great day. It's late and I need to make supper for my husband.

Witchy Art Bag

Here is what I've been working on lately. It is a purse/art bag or book bag with a Halloween theme. I though it might be cute to take trick or treating. I've had so much fun doing this that I'm on my second one.
I'm not sure if I'll sell this one or the one I'm working on now.
I have not been able to work much lately. We slipped off to my favorite place, Port Aransas again. My husband has many weeks of vacations not yet taken and he really needed to use up some days.
Today is my sons birthday. We celebrated it yesterday by going out to eat at the Cheese Cake Factory. Yummy! One of our fav's for special occasions.
I'm still cleaning out my garage and selling items on craigs list. Oh my aching back! I've drug furniture in and out of the garage all day. I did manage to sell the last bit of furniture from my shop. In a way it is sad and in away I'm glad. I guess I'll never go back to selling furnitue again.
It is so much easier now. I'm sticking to smalls. Like my new purse and cupcakes.
I'm excited about getting back to work in my studio.

Pincushion Cupcake

No longer available!

Today is going to be another busy day. I'm waiting for the sears repair man to come by. I need to replace the garage door controller and get some new clickers for the car. I hope I don't have to wait all day for him to show up.
I also need to put the molly maid hat on and clean my house. I wish I had a maid. Anyone want to come by and clean my house? Man! you let it go for a couple of weeks and it's covered in dust and the bathrooms are just nasty. We are having some friends over tomorrow for a little BBQ. Nothing like having someone over to get you motivated to clean. Oh well it needs it.
Above is a Halloween cupcake for sale over on Etsy.
The cupcake stand is for sale too.
Y'all have fun! The summer is almost over!

Heaven on Earth

It's about twilight right now on this Wednesday evening. Wednesday is usually our date night, but my husband has a business dinner to attend. I have the lights turned off so I can see outside. It gives the rooms such a nice comfortable feel. I am in heaven. A thunderstorm is making its way over my little neck of the woods. I wish it would rain all night. We need it sooooo bad. I was sitting on my back porch as the dark clouds, wind and thunder finally turned into rain. I did not think the rain would come but it did, so many times mother nature teases us. I don't know why I love these quite times to myself. I don't care that everyone else is out. I guess it gives me time to reflect. I'm waiting for my frozen pizza to come out of the oven. Yes... I love frozen pizza's. They are usually what I make for myself when alone. I should have a glass of wine but I'm more of a beer person. I can't finish a whole bottle and it just does not taste the same after being in the fridge for a few days.
I still hear the thunder and it sure sounds nice. The view through the window pane is blurry from the rain. The rain is about over now. I had about 30 minutes of bliss. The pizza is ready.

P.S. I know my hot sunny picture really has nothing to do with a nice cozy rain storm....but it did get up to 101 today right before the storm came through. And I don't have any art about rain...so there.

Busy As A Bee

Here are my two small tables set up at "Bubblehead Tea". It's a cute Asian Tea shop downtown S.A. I'm doing more and more shows because Etsy is not quite enough for me.
I'm busy as a bee working on new designs and art. I'm very excited about some of the new items I'm working on. I can't believe it is August already! Where has the summer gone?