Heaven on Earth

It's about twilight right now on this Wednesday evening. Wednesday is usually our date night, but my husband has a business dinner to attend. I have the lights turned off so I can see outside. It gives the rooms such a nice comfortable feel. I am in heaven. A thunderstorm is making its way over my little neck of the woods. I wish it would rain all night. We need it sooooo bad. I was sitting on my back porch as the dark clouds, wind and thunder finally turned into rain. I did not think the rain would come but it did, so many times mother nature teases us. I don't know why I love these quite times to myself. I don't care that everyone else is out. I guess it gives me time to reflect. I'm waiting for my frozen pizza to come out of the oven. Yes... I love frozen pizza's. They are usually what I make for myself when alone. I should have a glass of wine but I'm more of a beer person. I can't finish a whole bottle and it just does not taste the same after being in the fridge for a few days.
I still hear the thunder and it sure sounds nice. The view through the window pane is blurry from the rain. The rain is about over now. I had about 30 minutes of bliss. The pizza is ready.

P.S. I know my hot sunny picture really has nothing to do with a nice cozy rain storm....but it did get up to 101 today right before the storm came through. And I don't have any art about rain...so there.


  1. Hey Charlie, I have been playing catch up on your blog. I thought you wouldn't blog while on vacation. HA! Looks like you had a fantastic relaxing all round good time.
    We had a really violent gullywashing T-storm last night and rain most of the day today. Like your neck of the woods, this one needs it so bad too.
    Now, hopefully, I will catch the meteors tonight if the clear sky holds!
    Take care!
    Candace in Athens.

  2. I think this page is perfect for the kind of summer you've had. I'm sorry the rain didn't last longer...you need it so badly!!

    And I'm with you -- I love my alone time, to sit and reflect, to eat what I want, when I want it. It's bliss!