Pincushion Cupcake

No longer available!

Today is going to be another busy day. I'm waiting for the sears repair man to come by. I need to replace the garage door controller and get some new clickers for the car. I hope I don't have to wait all day for him to show up.
I also need to put the molly maid hat on and clean my house. I wish I had a maid. Anyone want to come by and clean my house? Man! you let it go for a couple of weeks and it's covered in dust and the bathrooms are just nasty. We are having some friends over tomorrow for a little BBQ. Nothing like having someone over to get you motivated to clean. Oh well it needs it.
Above is a Halloween cupcake for sale over on Etsy.
The cupcake stand is for sale too.
Y'all have fun! The summer is almost over!


  1. Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I love this Charlie....especially the colors!


  2. Cute cuppiecake!!!

    LOL on cleaning...I need to get out my maid's uniform too. And you're right...leave it for a bit and "ugh"!!! Having guests is a fabulous I think I'll wait awhile before I invite anyone over!! lol!!! :)

  3. Hey Charlie,

    Found you through Lulu's blog. Nice cupcake, but I especially like when you wrote Y'ALL. I'll stop by again.


    ps. just clean the bathroom and they won't even notice the rest~