Be Your Own Superhero

My dear friend Sherry just launched her "Be Your Own Superhero" Zine. She did this to raise money for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. Click on the link and it will take you to the site where you can buy the Zine yourself. It's a worthy cause.
I am actually one of the contributing artist....yes little ole me. I can not believe she asked me to do this. She asked me and some other artist to interpret through our own style of art what it means to be our own superhero.
Sherry is a breast cancer survivor and each year she does some sort of fundraiser for the Breast Cancer Foundation. Please check out her blog Everyday Possibilities by clicking this link and I know you will be hooked. She is a very inspirational writer. You will love her wit and will be constantly impressed at her take on life. She is my superhero and I'm always inspired by her.


  1. Charlie, I thank you so much for having taken part in this project. It was important to me that you be involved, not just because I love your art, but I love your spirit and your humour and your take on life. I also loved that you were "surprised" at being spoken of as a Super most people. We often don't see ourselves as we are.

    Thank you for sharing this here, for all your kind words and most of all, your friendship ♥

  2. this is so exciting. sherry is a thoughtful and conscious being.