No longer available!

I did manage to make the cupcakes this week and actually listed them on my Etsy yesterday. I'm selling them in a set of six. I think it's a much better deal and they look so cute in a group.

Today my husband is moving my computer and desk all around. He is setting up his work office in our home. He will officially be working out of our house September 21. His desk is being delivered next Friday, so he has to rearrange our office. That means moving me around. Now I am facing the other wall, no big deal. He needs the phone jack by his desk, etc. etc. I don't care put me anywhere. I wish I could put my computer in my studio but there is no room. I have a very small studio. I'm sure some people have closets bigger then my studio. I'm not complaining. I love my little art space. I have an easel and a table for my sewing machine in there, along with a tv and door that leads to my back porch. It's great! I end up working outside a lot, or leaving the door open so I can look outside. Max loves it as well. He can go in and out as he pleases.
I really have not been looking forward to this change. My husband working out of the house. I won't have the house to myself any more. I'm not good with changes. I don't like 'em but I'm sure it will be fine.

Wish me luck! I hope we don't end up killing each other. All this togetherness.....geezzzz.


  1. Change, no matter what it is, is hard. It takes time to get into a new routine, to accept what is happening. Here's to praying you don't kills each other (lol!!)...

    As for selling the cupcakes in a 6 pack...yes!!! I mean, when you go to the bakery you buy 6 or more so it makes sense!!

  2. I would get a job if my husband worked out of the house....I love my hubby dearly, but for him to be under way. Hope it works out for you. Your cupcakes look perfect in a group. If you had a cupcake holder that would look cute too! Love the


  3. I don't like change either!

    I love your idea of selling the cupcakes in a group!