I am a ditz

My friend Sherry posted an old Halloween photo of herself on her blog the other day. Which of course inspired me to dig through my childhood photo's. This is the only picture I have of me in a Halloween costume. I don't remember dressing up much until I got older. I just remember wearing these stupid mask. Trust me! it is me! You can laugh now. I don't care. I'm laughing too. We must have worn normal clothes. I know I never got an outfit to match the mask. I guess as long as you were not recognized it was a good thing.
I was probably just a tiny little bit of a nerd anyway. Ha ha... I know I'm a nerd and I'm also a ditzy blond. I may not be a real blond even though my hair looks blond these days because of all the highlighting I do. With this in mind I have to tell about my ditzyness.
Yesterday as you know I went to the DMV. I had to renew the license, get my thumbs printed and take a new picture. I sat there an hour and half , spoke to a nice young lady the whole time, even saw an old acquaintance and spoke to him. Everything was fine until I got home and looked in the mirror and noticed I did not put on the last layer of mascara. You might say so what but the last layer is the black layer. I use this dual type these days. The first layer is a white lengthening layer and the top layer is the black part. So I walked around with white eyelashes all day and got my drivers license picture taken with white lashes.
What a ditz! Or should I say nerd?


  1. Oh Charlie, that is the best laugh I've had today and I needed one so badly!!! Not at your expense...but white eyelashes?!?! And you talked to people and no one commented?? :) All I can say is, it must have looked fine!!!

    As for your costume...oh thank you for sharing!! Without the rest of the costume it just makes it that much more special and you've made me smile hugely....wasn't it fun being a kid? Ditzy or nerdy...and trust me, we were neither -- we were just kids and didn't look out of place because everyone else was doing the same thing...

    Now if only we could say that about your mascara!!! lol!!! :)

  2. I went back to have another look at the photo and I can see your eyes through those slits!!! And then I got to thinking...wonder what the reaction would be if someone went into the DMV office like that??? I mean, how many would laugh or how many would try not to laugh and pretend there was nothing out of the ordinary?? Can you imagine??

  3. Ha, ha, ha,....that's funny! I use the same mascara so I know exactly what your talking about. You know Charlie, I bet with everything that's goning on these days with kids and their trends, I bet you started a new one, right there at the DMV...lol I think the pic of you with the mask is sweet. It reminds me of a time when thing were simple. Maybe you were wearing white mascara under that mask....lol

  4. I say you were fashionable :)