I'm still here

I have'nt gone missing. I 'm still here. I've had two birthdays last week, my husbands and my mom's. Mine is coming up soon.
Last night I got one of my migraine headaches. I did not get much sleep. The worst part is the nausea. I hate the feeling and I fight it to no luck. The headaches always end up with me hugging the toilet. Yuk! enough of this talk. I'm better now just a little weak.
Fall is here and we are getting some rain. It feels wonderful.
It will be a great day to spend in the studio, if I can get my you know what out of bed.
I listed this card on my etsy yesterday.


  1. Migraines!! I've never had one (I don't think -- I get bad sinus headaches mostly), but my youngest has suffered with them for a few years. I really feel for you, especially if yours goes the route of nausea...glad you are feeling better...some time in the studio will definitely lift your spirits!

  2. I love this piece!

    I hope you feel better soon. When is your birthday? Mine is next Thursday, Oct 1 :)


  3. Hi there! I saw your link on Bunny Misbrenner's blog (I'm Just Say'n) I love our artwork, absolutely love it. Also, I too, get really bad migraines. I started taking Zomig - a nasal spray that is like a miracle drug. Ask your doctor about it. It has helped me tremendously.


    (My blog is www.trixiesmommy.blogspot.com - check it out!)