This dress form was a mess when I found it. It had holes and rips everywhere. I'm not sure how old it is probably not an antique but who cares. To fix it up I decided to do paper mache'. There are layers and layers of glue and paper on it. It was a real dress makers form with the moving parts. I closed that all up with the paper mache'. I was really into mosaic at the time and thought about covering up with broken china and tile. As you can see I did not do that style of art. I wanted it to be mixed up, more of a mixed media pieice. I used tissue paper, ephemera, broken china, scrap paper. I'm not sure if it is finished..... I just got tired of working on it.. I wanted to add some fringe on the bottom. I can still add to it. That's the beauty of art.
It's been stashed away in my garage for the past couple of years. Glad I pulled it out. Now where to put it???


  1. Charlie, I'm so glad you shared full photographs of Pinky and told about how she was created.

    Talk about stunning!!! I love what you've done..the colours, the texture, all of it. Wow. Wow. Wow.

    Fringe on the bottom? Yes...sounds lovely...and as you said, you can add, take is constant.

    Now, you'll have to let us know where you end up displaying Pinky...she'd look fabulous anywhere!!!!

  2. Gorgeous!! How fun and creative. My mom has a dress form that I call Brunhilda because it is made to emulate a 6' 1" not so small woman. Would be cool to do something like that to make it cuter although she would have something to say if I covered up the knobs. ;-)

  3. You can put it in my house...I have the perfect That is so pretty and creative. Put fringe or not, it's wonderful. I never used to like pink, but I've been seeing in on a lot of blogs for a while and it's growing on pink moss ~


  4. Oh my goodness....Charlie, you did a wonderful job on this! I think the fringe on the bottom would be a great idea. It's so girlie and pretty!

    If you have a studio, I would put it there. You know when you have one of these it's traditional to name her. My wire one's name is Vivienne.