Altered Art Journal Letter V

"Vintage Me"

The next page in my journal. Letter V for Vintage. I knew I was going to do vintage for v since the start of the this journal. I love the past. I especially love the 4o's, 50's or even the 60's. Anything retro and kitsch. The one thing missing on this page, which I love is a pink flamingo. I can't believe I forgot to put one on this page. Pink flamingo's are so me. Oh well.
I'm a collector as well. I love kitschy things, like the lady head planters and silly figurines. They do not have to be antique either. I don't go over board and I've sold more items then I now have in my collection. Oh and I adore all the old retro Christmas ornaments. They are so awesome. Pyrex is another passion. I use all of my old pyrex bowls. Vintage is definitely a big part of who I am.


  1. Hey Charlie, Aren't the pink dolphins awesome? I collect the red polka dot fire king Pyrex bowls...never could understand why I was so obsessed until my mother told me that my aunt had them and that I use to stand in her kitchen (that was accessorized with red) and stare at Hope your having a great day....Beautiful V page!


  2. Hi Sweetie~

    I LOVE the V page....can't wait to see X, Y and Z!!


    p.s. My painting arrived today and it's BEAUTIFUL!!! I LOVE IT! (can you hear me shouting with glee?)

  3. Your "v" is "vonderful!" I especially love that bunny rabbit Halloween costume in there!! And so many people collect the lady head vases..I'd never heard of them until last year but they are really beautiful!!

    Ah ha..I see Miss LuLu bought that fabulous painting!! I'm so happy that it sold and that it went to a woman in "the club"!!!

  4. this is just fantastic - I love how the images almost float on the background - how did you do that ?

    Altered Bree