Free GiveAway

OK People! It's time for another Give Away on my part. I have not done this in a long, long time.
It's time to celebrate, time to pay it forward, time to give this cute little card away.
This card is one of my own creations. The girl in the picture is Cinda, a witch I drew, however the background is from a lovely artist itkupilli. This card is a combination of fabric and paper, put together in the scrapbook fashion. In honor of Halloween I will give this card to one lucky person.

Here is the catch.
In order to be entered in the drawing;

#1 You need to leave a comment on my blog. A nice gushy comment would be
#2 You need to start following me. Not sure I like the sound of that but you know what I mean...follow me on blogger.
# 3 You should link me back to your blog. Make a comment on your blog so other people can find out about this giveaway.

That's all!
I will have the drawing next Saturday October 17th.
Good luck!


  1. I can and will do all of the required rules for entry!! Just please don't ask me to add 7 and 5 minus some number and multiply by another...because those things just turn my brain to mush!!! :)

    I would stalk you to the ends of the, sorry..follow you!!! lol!! But then I already do!! And I will post on my blog.

    Gushing, gushing, gushing...can you see the gyser?!?! You know how I feel about your my sweet soul sistah and I love your fabulour art. I would be thrilled if I won a card created by the one and only you!! ♥

  2. Thanks for visiting - I am having so much fun with my new passion of Art Journaling and just LOVE seeing the pages you have created.

    You giveaway sounds easy enough - but I don't see the "followers" option on your page? I have added you to my google reader and of coarse there is now that 20 x 12 foot billboard on the hill behind my house with your blog addy on it to let every one know where to go to see the coolest art on the internet(gushy enough?)

    Altered Bree

  3. You are wonderful and artistic and a great person and multi talented and did I say wonderful? Great giveaway Charlie....good luck to all!


  4. Ok I now have the follower doodad on my blog. Feel free to click it.