FREE Halloween Digital Collage Sheet

Halloween Silhouettes

Good morning all. I'm feeling generous today. This is for all you digital artist. I'm giving this away. Just for the taking. Click on the image and download to your computer. I hope it's not too late. But somehow I think there are a few procrastinators out there who might still want to use this in their art work.

I woke up this morning realizing it is a Holiday. It's Columbus Day! No wonder my husband has another week off. He gets 5 weeks of vacation each year . Not only is he working out of our home from now on,,,,,, he gets 5 weeks off! This is week number 4 so he still has another week to go! I think I'm going to slit my wrist! He is driving me crazy! The first two weeks of his now work out of the house office setup were ok because he was gone most of the time. But last week he was here all week. Now he is on vacation! Give me a break! please! Don't get me wrong I love my husband dearly but this is too much. I need my space.

The biggest problem so far is whenever he plays on his playstation 3 it knocks me off the internet. I don't know why! I guess since I am only wireless now, (ever since he took over my office.) His playstation is set up on the internet and is wireless also. I'm assuming his stupid game takes over and controls the internet therefore knocking my little ole computer off the net.

Your friend in Texas


  1. NOT slit your wrists!!!! But I get the picture and 5 weeks of "together" can be just a bit much (Lord help us when it comes time to retire!!). Hmm...his stuff knocks out your internet and he's taking over space...I think it's time to draw the line in the sand..he's meant to be "working" in his office so no play toys of any and work and work. Play time after hours!! And then you have internet during your work time...seems a perfect solution to me!!!

    I'm sending you your arms wide, here it comes!!!!

    And you are so generous with your giveaway -- I wish I had photoshop and was doing digitial..I'd love this...the feet for the witch are adorable!!!

  2. Oh Charlie...I feel for ya! We love our husbands, but for 5 weeks? Why don't YOU plan a vacay....a little girls get know,absence makes the heart grow fonder...

    Thanks for the Halloween!


  3. Charlie I feel the same way when my husband is on vacation ... he drives me crazy! And now he works a 4 day work week so Friday comes along and it throw me off, I always think Friday is Saturday and Saturday is Sunday ... what can I say, I'm just plain bonkers LOL!

    Debbie (Bunny's friend and of

  4. YIKES! Oh Charlie, come to my house and we can play in my studio all day!

    Thanks so much for the digital sheet! I love it!

    I am trying to catch up on my Blog visits so I am off to see what I missed on yours while I have been away.