Golfing in Port A

Newport Beach & Golf

Here are a few of the photos I took while riding along with my hubby on the golf course. I don't play. I tried a long time ago. I'm not that coordinated. I can't hit the ball straight. It always goes somewhere I don't want it to go, usually in the trees or sand. That's not fun to me. Nope golf is not for me. I'll tag along to take pictures. It's a beautiful sport. The scenery is awesome. I can see why men love the sport, but I'll go when he has no one else to play with. Poor baby! lol.

That's it for now. I'm happy to be home and creating in my little studio. I have pictures to take of new items I'll be listing on Etsy. Then it's on to the other unfinished projects on my easel. I've got a few shows coming up which I need to make product for. The worst part is I have no idea what I want to make. yikes!
Have a happy creative Monday y'all.


  1. Nice pics Charlie! Yeah, golfing is not for me either, but that scenery is TDF...good job! Now go back to work!


  2. I'm with you -- not a golfer!! Whenever I've gone with friends (fundraising tournaments), I'm the cart driver!! The DD!!

    These are gorgeous photos and how nice of you to keep the husband company!!

    Loving your cuppiecake paintings...they make me happy!!

  3. Looks like a pretty place to spend the day taking pictures.