I'm Back!

Something Pink!

This is my favorite pink house ever. It is in Port Aransas Texas. My husband and I always admire this house when we visit Port A, wondering who lives there and wishing we could own a place like this one day. I'm posting this for something pink for breast cancer awareness month. Sorry I'm late I know I should of done this Thursday but I was in Port Aransas. I took my computer with me this time but I could'nt upload my pictures. Long story which I do not want to get into.
We went on a mini vacay again to our favorite getaway. I feel so guilty and it did not help that I have a ton of work to do. It's not like I needed the rest but my husband did. The weather was in the 90's so we were able to go to the pool and relax. My husband played golf while I took pictures on the second day. I couldn't spend a lot of time on the beach because of the red tide. It really did not bother me except for a little cough. I guess the wind kept the smell of dead fish littered along the beach away because I did not smell a thing. I took some great shots of the golf course which is right on the beach. I'll post a few tomorrow.
I did not forget that today I draw the name of the winner of my giveaway. So without further adieu the winner of my Halloween card is Bunny! She is the owner of a fabulous blog "I'm Just Say'n". It's such a lovely blog to read and visit. Check her out and you will understand what I mean. I love her point of view.
Now that I'm back in my chair and vacation number 4 is over, hopefully I'll get back on my creative stroll.
Y'all have a great weekend.


  1. I'm so glad you had a nice getaway - even with the red tick "ick"!!

    That pink house looks wonderful...and I love the photo you took of it -- great composition!!

    And congrats to Bunny!!! Lucky lady!!

  2. what the heck is "tick" -- I meant to type tide...my brain is on Saturday time!!! lol!!!

  3. Charlie...I wanna live in that house too! It looks very enchanting and yet kinda ominous. Glad you guys got away for a little R & R.


  4. How wonderful that you got to get away for a bit! I love the pink house too...
    I am SO glad that Bunny won!

  5. LOL, I had to leave another comment...about Sherry's "tick"...*snort*