Something Pink

I'll be posting something pink each Thursday during the month of October in recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness month. I got the idea from Sherry who got the idea from Christina at Soul Aperture.
This year was a tough year for me. I lost two friends to breast cancer this summer. They were both in their 50's. Much too young to go. My heart goes out to their families. My heart goes out to anyone who has had to deal with this nasty disease.
This is a small thing to do to get some awareness out. I hope you join in on the cause.


  1. sweetheart, you have a beautiful place here. a lovely pink tribute, to your friends. i send prayers and thoughts to the families, of your friends.

  2. (((Charlie))) your friends were MUCH too young indeed. I'm sorry that you have had to walk through this with them, but I know that they will have been blessed to have you on their journeys.

    Love your pink and I'm so glad you are joining in on Pink Thoughts!

  3. I love your pink Charlie! I just opened my mail and got the most WONDERFUL card from you. Thank you so much. I treasure your friendship and we will have to have cake and tea one of these days!

    Love to you my dear friend,

  4. I can't say this enough ladies....GO GET A MAMMOGRAM! The purpose of mammograms are to screen for and detect early breast cancer....

    Charlie...I'm so sorry for your loss and thank you for your pinkness !