Something Pink

Yesterday I got a creative blog award from Bunny! Thanks Bunny!

I'm to name 7 things about myself that no one would know and then nominate 7 other people to get the award. Most of my friends have done this many times as well. I'll leave it up to all my blogger friends whether or not they want to do this. "You know who you are, if you want to, go ahead and run with it".
Now let me think.....seems I've told so much about myself in my journal that there can't possibly be anything you do not know.
1. I'll take this as an opportunity to vent. I need to vent ever once in a while. This is something you don't know about. #2. I bet you don't know my favorite food is hamburgers. #3. I'm a cheap date lol! I love a big juice greasy burger like this one from my favorite burger joint "Chris Madrid's".

Now this is a burger!

#4. My husband and I go out to eat a lot...I mean a lot, way too much! We eat fast food for lunch most everyday, especially now that he works out of the house. I cook sometimes in the evening but we go out then too. #5. We are empty nesters, what can I say. This is another thing I bet you did not know about me. Back to my venting.....anyway, #6. I think I'm a good judge on food and it's one thing I can complain about. We like to try new restaurants and especially new fast food restaurants. #7. I'm always on the search for a good burger. It's a simple little quest of mine. There seems to be a rash of fast food burger joints moving into San Antonio theses days. One of them is the Krystal Burger. They just moved down here this summer. Sooooo being the hamburger connoisseur that I think I am and loving to try new burger joints my husband and I decided to try this new place.
Let me tell you that Krystal burger is the absolute worst burger I have ever had. Period.
Look up at the top and remember that look when you think of hamburgers. That is what a hamburger should look like. Not a burger divided into four little itty bitty burgers like Krystal's. Not one with a patty so thin you can't even see it and especially not a steamed patty like they do at Krystal's. What is that???? Who steams meat????? Steamed meat would not be so bad. I guess it's healthy. But here's the thing by the time you get to the second little itty burger which is so neatly boxed up it's mushy. YUK!
The bun is soggy and gross. Who wants to eat soggy buns?????? We could not finish them. We threw them in the trash. Take my advise and don't eat at Krystal Burgers. YUKKIE!
Enough of my venting!

Thursday is pink thoughts day for breast cancer awareness. I took this shot especially for this purpose.

Pink flamingo's hanging out at Chris Madrid's


  1. A great vent!!! There is nothing worse than a soggy burger!!! We don't have that chain here in Canada -- thank heavens!! But next time I'm in the U.S. if I see one of those "joints"? I'll pass thank you very much!!

    Love the flamingo shot for pink Thursday!!!!

    And love this Halloween banner!!!

  2. Never heard of that restaurant but it looks interesting. I love places with stuff all over the place and there's nothing like a good burger.

    Have a good one Charlie!


  3. You are so right about Krystal. When I first moved to Atlanta, T and I tried it and I think I gave it one other shot and said, "I would rather have NO burger than THIS burger!"
    Charlie, did I tell you how much I love your playlists? The Halloween playlist is a lot of fun,but I can tell music is special to you. It is to me, for sure.
    Great post!

  4. That is one good looking burger. lol