Dia De Los Craftos

Moi, My Friends Margaret & Sara

As promised, here are the pictures of the craft festival "Dia De Los Craftos.
I'm really glad I joined this team. It is a group of artist who are on Etsy but happen to be from San Antonio. People have come and gone since we first formed this summer, but we now have a small core group that get a long really well.
I must note in the picture above with me are my friends who came to support me. They are not members in the Etsy group. My friend Margaret is the best. She tries to come to most of my shows. What would we do without our friends and family?
The purpose of this team is to find and then attend craft shows in our area. We realized that an internet shop was not enough. Our sells dropped this past year on Etsy and felt we needed to do more.
It is a little weird because I used to do shows alone before I got on Etsy. I joined Etsy because I was sooooo tired of doing shows. They are so much work. I have changed my inventory since my early days. I use to sell furniture and vinatage items, now I'm more artsy and crafty. AND having others to share a booth with or even tell you about an event makes it so much easier and much more fun!


  1. Sounds like a lot of fun Charlie...and a lot of work. Lov'in the new look of your blog. I love going to craft faires.


  2. I really believe that we find, and connect with, what we need at the times we need "whatever "it" is" in our lives. As you've done with this group.

    And yes, where would we be without our family and friends to support us as we support them!!??

  3. What a wonderful idea and it sounds like a fantastic team!! I love your work, it's so beautiful!!

  4. What fun, fun, fun and I love this craftstravaganza here. And now I have a sweet face to put with the name. What brightness is around you in that photo op!

    Thanks for your visit today too. A real perk in an otherwise dull day is managing to sneak in some art blog time with peeps.

    LOVE the Dia De Los Muertos post, too. Say, you don't need the changing of the seasons, girl, you have TEXAS!
    Take care, dear Charlie.

  5. Oh oH!! this looks really really fun!!


  6. I wish I could have been there sweetie....you know I am one of your biggest fans, hands down!

    I have a real mess in my house. I had new furniture delivered and now I am trying to get things back to order. I went from traditional to casual French so I am "shopping in my house" for things to move around but am dying to getting back to creating.

    Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!


  7. Oh what a fabulous time you had. Thanks for sharing the photos. Would loved to have been there with you.