Happy Thanksgiving

"Groom's Cake"

Are you scratching your head and wondering what the ????? First of all the wedding was gorgeous. I had a great time! My feet hurt from all the dancing. I have parts of my body aching I did not know exsisted. Why is it only women like to dance? We like to dance with each other and we don't care. As soon as "Brick House" started playing droves of us girls rushed to the dance floor. We dance the line dances, to the left to the left, to the right to the right. We will do the "cotton eyed joe" the bunny hop, the chicken dance and we will even two step together. It does not matter. We laugh and giggle and wiggle our booties. All the while the men are sitting there watching us like we are nuts. Occasionally you will get the good one to dance with you, like my husband who dances country western very well. He does a good waltz too.
Anyway I had a wonderful time, but back to that groom's cake. I know you will never guess in a million years. It has something to do with "Lost". Nuf said.

"Starting Early"

I am really behind so I will not be posting again until after Thanksgiving.
Everyone have a very
Happy Thanksgiving


  1. I am thinking this is a foot, right? Ohhhhh, this is weird....right up my alley!! *snort*

    Happy Thanksgiving my lovely friend!


  2. I saw the foot on the cake (before I read it was the groom's cake) and wondered to my self, "now what on earth does a foot have to do with Thanksgiving in Texas?!?" -- lol!!!

    I know what you mean about dancing...I think it's in our genes and maybe it's something like mating dances...we just hear that music and the feet need to move!!!

    I love the photo of the little girls...starting early!! Bless their hearts!!

    I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Enjoy the holiday, the food and the company!!!

  3. hahaha!! it's a grey foot??!! now i dunno what a groom cake is or what it's for cos we dun have this tradition here. but when it comes to dancing :)) that's a diff story. i use to dance a lot when i was younger, professionally ... dancing is liberating!! and a whole lot of fun! i always think that the men actually love dancing but they're too shy ...

  4. Happy Thanksgiving to you, hope it's a great one! What does the foot have to do with Lost? I get the numbers, but the foot.....? Very cool cake, btw!

  5. Oh I'm sorry this heading really is confusion isn't it. I assume everyone has read my previous post.
    No Sherry this cake has nothing to do with a Texas Thanksgiving.
    Luthien... a Groom's cake is for the groom at a wedding....Brides cake....groom's cake.
    And Stephanie I do not know anymore. I do not watch Lost! I have no idea what the foot has to do with Lost.

  6. Being that I am obsessed with lost, I know right away what that was...AWESOME!! Glad you had a fun tripping the light fantastic.

    Wishing you all a wonderful Turkey day and we want to hear all about it real soon.


  7. Sounds like you had a wonderful time at the wedding and that cake is just too strange! I hope you enjoyed a lovely Thanksgiving!