When I think of romance I think of Paris. Oh how I would love to go there one day! Visiting Pairs is one of my biggest dreams. I adore anything and everything that has to do with Paris, and sweet, dear Marie Antoinette.
This is my entry for the weekly challenge at Inspiration Avenue "Romance".
I know this is a little early but I will be gone this weekend. I have a wedding to attend.
I love weddings. I can not wait to get all my work finished so I can start packing.
We will stop in San Marcos on the way to visit my son in college and take him out to eat. I miss him so much. Then we are on the road again to Austin, Round Rock and then Georgetown. Now I have to figure out what to wear to the wedding. Yikes! I have not tried on the dress I want to wear in a while. I sure hope it fits!
Y'all have a great weekend! See you next week!


  1. Oh Charlie...this speaks Romance with a capital "R"!!! Lovely!!!!

    Enjoy your travels this weekend...seems we'll both be on the road. Have fun with your son and enjoy the wedding!

  2. I'm in love with this Paris postcard!!! Happy Thursday!

  3. Oh this is wonderful Charlie and fits so perfectly with this week's theme, even the fact that you're going to a wedding - how much more romantic can you get?!?

    I hope you have a wonderful time and enjoy your trip and seeing your son!
    Hugs for safe travels♥ Sharon

  4. Oooooooo la la! Love it!

    Have fun on your trip and eat two pieces of wedding for me, and one for you!!


  5. oh wow!! what a fabulous piece :)) it's soft, it's romantic and feels so vintage :)) beautiful!! this week sounds like an exciting week for you :) enjoy your trip and remember to get lots of photos :))

  6. Wonderful has a vintage yet modern look to it. Have fun at the wedding and give your son a great big ((((hug))))


  7. Paris is indeed a very romantic city. I have been there several times. Once as a student with no money - we had to walk everywhere - including up the Eifel Tower! Other times I have been on business, so not terribly romantic! I need to be wined and dined on the Champs Elysse I think. It's so easy to get to from the UK - there really is no excuse (apart from the cost!!).
    I love your romantic postcard from Paris. C'est tres jolie!

  8. This is gorgeous!! Great submission for the challene. Love digital art. Wish I had photoshop and knew how to use it.

  9. oh yes, sooo romantic! paris is the ultimate love...i was there once as a teen & my teacher taught us "vous cachon" which translated to "you pig". she didn't like that the guys were googling us teens! lol. went again last year with my daughter & we fell in love with the people & the sights! this is the perfect entry for romance! have fun this weekend!

  10. This is so beautiful! I love Paris, and you nailed the theme everything you added to it!

  11. Lovely work Charlie - love the little bow! I've been to Paris - well, it's not as far for me! - and it's sooo romantic!
    Hope you enjoyed the wedding and your time with your son :)

  12. Love it!! what aa great pice of work

  13. I love Paris too, who wouldn't...I have been there once a very long time ago. Romance seems to be oozing out of this beautiful place everywhere :) Have a blessed week ahead :)

  14. The absolute perfect place for romance! Beautiful card, Charlie!