Altered Art Journal Letter Z

"What does it mean?

Yes! I did it! The final page to my altered art journal. Working on this journal has been a rewarding and enlightening journey to say the least. This journal was to showcase through each letter in the alphabet little bits and pieces of information about myself. Its a diverse selection of things I like and words that describe me the best. I was hoping to develop and define a style that I felt I lacked. I wanted to use a variety of artistic techniques, some I already knew and some I would learn along the way. But the main reason to do this journal was I wanted something artsy to hand down to my children. Hopefully they will get a greater idea of who this crazy lady they call mom really is.
I started this journal over a year ago. When I started it in 2008 I was in the beginning stages of my new life being home with myself to do as I please. I had only been blogging a few months and I did not know much about the world wide web. I was really green, so green I did not know much of anything that had to do with computers or web sites or surfing the web, uploading, downloading, linking this to that, html codes, pixels, etc, but I'm so proud of all I've accomplished. I've come a long way baby!

Now a little about this page. My maiden name is Zissa, which is perfect for the last page of my journal. The name "Zissa" has always intrigued me. We do not know what it means. My great grandfather on my dads side was adopted. He lost his parents while on the journey to America from Czechoslovakia in the late 1800's. My family does not know much about him or his adopted parents. We don't know if he kept his own last name or took the adopted parents name. The name Zissa does not have a meaning in Czech. It's so mysterious and such an unusual name. I want my children and grandchildren to always remember it.


  1. Well how perfect is this, that you are in fact, the last page in every way of this journal!! What an unusual story of your maiden name and how wonderful for your children that they will have this "documented" example of who their incredibly wonderful mother is and was.

    I'm really impressed with the whole project Charlie and how it has taken you from a novice to a seasoned artisan in this area of your creativity.

    Brava!!! xoxox

  2. Congratulations on finishing your project! What an undertaking, and I am sure the finished piece is exquisite!

    It is so intriguing to think about the ancestors that came before us. It's a part of who we are. It's nice that you have dedicated the final page to your mysterious great grandfather.

  3. Charlie,
    A perfect ending my dear. And I might add a very beautiful one. Having married into a Austrian family the last name Missbrenner has been a yours. Sitting around the dinner table has been very interesting to say the least. Wishing you a marvelous Christmas and can't wait to see what you up to in the new year...(((hug)))


  4. What a neat project, and I think the wy you were able to use your maiden name for he last page is great! Congrats on finishing- would you possibly be able to post some pics of the inside and different techniques you used?

  5. Yeah! Your journal is complete and what a great way to close out the year. Congratulations! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

  6. Wow, congratulations!! What a journey you've undertaken and it must be amazing to have it completed - I'm sure even a little bittersweet, but what an accomplishment, not in just the completion of your journal but all you've learned and experienced along the way!

    What an intriguing story and maiden name you have - it would actually be a fabulous first name - beautiful!

  7. wow!! charlie! i dunno how i've missed all these wonderful posts of yours but man i catching up :))

    first of all, the last page to your journal is breathtaking! i love the different textures and layers and prints that you have melded together to a perfectly coherent whole. i guess it's symbolic of you many different layers but put together so perfectly. i also think that this wouldn't have happened a year ago ... but i'm guessing, you have found your style ... and yourself, as an artist, already.

    i've always toyed with the idea of making a journal. but i didn't really understand why i had to make a journal. me being me... i love "usable" art ... you know what i mean ;p my stuff which i seldom call art (i call them crafts instead) are usable things made pretty ... i have yet achieved the level of making just "visual art" as angie would call it. but after i read the way you described a journal ... ie, a journey of self discovery and most importantly ... what really touched me is, you wanted to leave a heirloom to your children/grandchildren so that they would know better who this brilliant (crazy? never!) lady is...that really took me. and now i know why i would make an art journal... so ... thank you my fren :))