Christmas Preparations

Here is a sweet vintage postcard I found on google images. I had every intention of using it in my digital work but I can't seem to find the time to do any art. I've been a bad blogger lately as well. I guess there is too much going on. I had a custom order last week so yuppie! The customer wanted 6 charms cut from the same plate. I did that for her, so I feel a nice sense of accomplishment. I've been Christmas shopping and have most of it done. I still have 5 more people on the list to buy for. My mom is the hardest. I'm really having a hard time deciding what to get her this year. She is 90 years old and lives in an assisted living home. Any ideas?
Today was such a beautiful day out. I took advantage of the nice weather and cut back all my perennials that got scorched from the freeze. We usually don't get such hard freezes so early, so I'm not used to doing this kind of yard work before Christmas. My husband said he would string the lights while I cut back the dead plants. He then became extremely frustrated with the stupid lights because, well you know Christmas lights, so I finished it up for him. Keep in mind we did not string near the amount we normally do. I'm letting it go. No pressure. I'm really happy with what we have up.....One tree wrapped with a few strands of lights and my Christmas critters, which is what I call my lighted reindeer, snowmen, and penguin.
This week I really have to finish buying the gifts. I want it all done and everything wraped so I can start baking. I'm in the mood to bake. I'm going to rummage through my recipies and pull out my favorites. My husband and I will be hosting the Christmas Eve party this year for his side of the family. Christmas day is for our immediate family, so I only have to cook for my kids and husband on Christmas day. Then we are off to Yoakum the 26th to celebrate with my side of the family. I get tired just thinking about it.
I'm not sure why I'm rambling on about this. I guess I'm wondering what everyone's plans are and how you all celebrate. Let me know what you will be doing this year for Christmas. Leave a comment here for this post or blog about on your own blog and then let me know so I can read it.


  1. You? A bad blogger? Nevah!! There is no such thing you silly girl...this is a busy time of year and everyone gets that. So relax! :)

    My mother-in-law is 93 and still living in her own house and doing well. For the last few years for gifts (she needs and wants nothing) it's been a bag or basket filled with little things she likes -- chocolates, soups, food items, hand creams, that type of thing. Sometimes she'll ask for new pjs or a sweater and sometimes I just find a pretty sweater...she never "goes" anywhere but that doesn't mean she can dress nicely and look pretty for herself, right? And she always smiles when she sees something sparkly!

    If you are limited to what you can give because your mother is in assisted living, what about a donation in her name to the SPCA or donating a toy to a drive in her name?

    Or something to matter what age we are I think we still love to have something to cuddle!

    As for our celebrations, it's always "small". There is just my mother-in-law and the 4 of us now. So I cook dinner here for everyone on the 25th. I'd like to switch it to the 24th and just have the day to relax but my men (the boys are 21 and 18) still like Christmas Day so...there you go. :)

  2. Hey Charlie,

    I know the pressure to do everything like we used to is starting to effect us...I myself have downsized big time. I am done shopping, again, downsized and I have started baking about 2 weeks ago. I freeze everything so that I'm not stress by the time Christmas comes. We are not doing anything Christmas Eve...just relaxing and probably pre cooking because I am excepting 15 people here for Christmas. Just a very casual buffet with lots of finger foods and whatnots...Very easy peasy.
    As for your 'bout a throw for her sofa so that she can grab it when she's cold, sweater, picture of all of you in a frame,favorite lotion, make little coupons to cash in...example; good for one lunch date; so on and so forth.

    Enough rambling...hope your doing good and getting some relaxing in somewhere.