It's beginning to look a lot like Chrstmas! The tree is up and decorated. The house is decorated. Now my husband needs to string lights outside on the house. He really hates doing this little chore because he does not like heights. It probably wont happen this weekend anyway because we are supposed to get snow! Yeah! That is what they are predicting! Hmmmmph! I'm really a skeptic. It never snows here, and if it does it will not stay on the ground. I think our weathermen have nothing better to say, so they get everyone excited about the possibility of snow. It's been cold and dreary but it has not even gotten in the 30's yet. If it snows I'll let you know. It's a big deal in San Antonio. If it snows the whole city will shut down. No one knows how to drive in snow or ice, so no one goes to work. It's really comical.. It's a good excuse to stay home as far as I'm concerned . I don't know how to drive in it! It would be exciting if it snowed, but I wish it would wait until Christmas. I've never had a white Christmas. I'm not holding my breath in hopes, but secretly I'm crossing my fingers.
Snow in San Antonio in early December!!!! What happened to global warming?
Stay tuned.


  1. that's a beautiful tree!! now you've got me into the mood :)))

  2. Such a beautiful tree!! Okay, now I feel like I need to get my butt in gear and do something Christmasy around here!!!

    Did I mention I love your holiday banner?

    And snow? In San Antone?? Well, take photos for us if it does!!

    I'm smiling at your description of everything shutting down -- it would for sure, I'll be betting you don't have snow plows and salt trucks...and you don't know how to drive in the snow! :) Honey, there are plenty 'o fools up here in my part of the world who should know how to drive in the snow but suddenly go "blank" when the first snow hits!! I tell you!! I actually learned to drive in November - February so that I would be snow prepared...and I'm glad I did! :)

  3. Oooooooooo beautiful tree Charlie!

    People can't drive in the snow in NC either. Three flakes fall and then all the milk and bread are gone in the grocery stores within 30 minutes!


  4. We're putting ours up tomorrow. My friend came round tonight and held the ladder while I climbed precariously into the loft - there are times when I really wish I had a man about the house... My son is just a little bit too small to climb up there!

    We had really bad snow last year which was very unusual and we got snowed in! Proper stuff, inches thick... I now have to manage my son's expectations that we'll get it again this winter.

  5. Very Pretty Charlie. You way ahead of me on the tree thing. When it rains in So. Cali people here don't slow's business as usual hence all the accidents...
    Take some pics of the snow...I want


  6. Gorgeous tree, I love all the ribbon! I finally got my table cleared of decorations, and everything but the tree and outside lights has been done. Almost there!
    We're in Atlanta, which also completely shuts down in the event of snow, which we also are supposed to get. Like you I'm sceptical but hopeful as long as I don't have to go out in it....I don't know how to drive in it either :)

  7. Charlie, your tree is to die for! I can't wait to start decorating, you have inspired me. I've got outdoor stuff to put up (hope my hubby will pitch in) and all the inside decorating too. This year is going to be (drum roll please) the year of the artificial tree (I think). We have had a real tree every year for the last 20+ years. Hope we can go through with switching to a fake one!

    Enjoy your snow if you get it! I have had enough snow to last me a lifetime and I would not cry if it didn't snow all winter! But unfortunately I know it will, just not this weekend!