No Snow For S.A.

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No snow for S.A. It snowed all around us. When the front came across Texas it parted like the Red Sea as it rolled over San Antonio. I watched on the radar. It slowly made it's way across the state leaving a wintry mixture of ice and snow, but as it came over us there was nothing. The cold snap brought temperatures down to 25 last night. Brrrrrrr!
It's a nice change. I enjoyed staying in my pj's all day, curled up under the many layers of blankets and comforters. I had my lap top and sketch book, so with thoughts of snow this is what I came up with. I designed a snowflake and made it into a digital sheet. Sketched a couple of snowman people and Christmas trees.
I don't know how you people who live in the north stand it. I feel like hibernating. I don't want to leave the house. Heck! I don't want to get out of bed. Like I said it's a nice change, but I could not deal with this all winter. It's going to get back into the 70's Tuesday. I'll be ready for the warmth.
Tonight we are going to take in some Christmas festivities. Tomorrow I want to see New Moon with my daughter. I hope the weather is just how you want it wherever you are.
Have a nice weekend!


  1. Have I told you lately how much I adore you??

    You made me smile..the image of you all bundled up in your warmth with your laptop and sketch pad...and though it was cold enough the snow was elusive and went the other way. Such disappointment especially when you are looking forward to it.

    How do we stand it up here? Eh. We just do. We don't all love it (there are some who ski and can't wait for it -- so far they've been disappointed here in southern Ontario) and we dress in layers and we curse and moan when traffic is snarled and there are feet of snow to shovel...but there is something sometimes very calming and quiet about snow. And hibernating for awhile is good. And there are hot drinks like hot chocolate and mulled wine and hot cider and rum and eggnog and hot toddies...and warm fires and thick sweaters and cool thick socks and comfort food like stews...

    If I keep talking like that I might actually talk myself into "liking" winter!!! :)

    Love your sheets by the way -- too cute!!!

  2. Oh and by the way -- keep your eye out for the Charlotte Collection!! ♥

  3. Awwww Charlie...I will send you some snow from my house to yours :) It just started snowing up here. What a mess it's going to be for me every time the 5 dogs go out and then I have to wipe 20 paws when they come back in so they don't track mush in my house!!!!

    Stay in your jammies and stay warm!


  4. well charlie, that's a little disappointing, huh? if it's gonna be that cold you surely could have enjoyed some white feather dust! my daughter moved to houston in may & she was planning on missing snow & was hoping there would be some here when she comes home for the holidays. she was so tickled with the 2 inches they got. she emailed me a picture of her car from her iphone & was giggling like a little babe! it's snowing a couple inches here right now. your snowman is adorable! enjoy your sunday! pat

  5. It's gonna rain like a son of gun tonight and most of this week here in they say! Stay in your pj's as long as you least till Such a whimsy snowman...I love snowmen especially when you create them...Have a warm a toasty day Charley.