An early Valentines for Me

I can't believe Valentine's is this Sunday! Where has the time gone? I have done absolutely nothing for Valentines yet. I need to go shopping and get my hubby a little something. He usually buys me a box of chocolates and then he's the one who eats them all. lol. Too cute! I don't mind. I'll eat a couple out of the box but I know they are mainly for him.
It's a silly holiday anyway. I guess since I have someone in my life I don't think about it much. I don't care if I get anything.
On that! I told my hubby not to get me anything because I got an iphone a couple of weeks ago. The iphone is my valentines this year. I know I'm spoiled. My son and I have been waiting forever to get off our old cell phone plan. We did not want to break the contract...too expensive. It finally ran out! Free at last! We immediately ran out and got iphones and I absolutely love it! Now I have another toy. I can text now too! I hated to text on my old phone because it took me forever. My old phone did not have the abc keyboard. All I can say is the iphone is great! It's so easy. Love the aps too! ewwhhh I feel so hip now. lol.


  1. OMG!!! hehehe!! i can hear the delight in your post!! what a swell pressie for valentines :)

  2. Ooh choccies. I've bought my other half some yummy food - steak - real man stuff!

  3. Oh you are VERY hip/cool with your should see the cell phone I still use. It works, I'm happy with it -- all the upgrades are used by my kids!! lol!!

    Valentine's Day -- I've done nothing either. We don't really "do" anything for it anymore and I'm good with that. There's always some treat or other throughout the year and that suits me just fine!!

    Enjoy your "few" chocolates!! :)

  4. I would love to have an iphone but I never go anywhere to use it...they are so cool!

    I am hoping to get some sugar free Godiva chocolates...they are getting hard to find. I love them.

    I making my sweetheart a handmade Valentine card as soon as he leaves to go get groceries :)

    Happy Valentine's my lovely friend,

  5. Happy V-Day to you! I'm like you, we don't really do anything for it since we've already been together for so long. Also, our anniversary is on the second, so it's like we just had a celebration of our love a couple of weeks ago.....
    I'm SO jealous of your iphone, we're supposed to be getting me one for my birthday in April. I'm the very last one in my family to use an upgrade, we've always used them for the kids of my hubby....
    Happy Valentine's Day!