My Weekend

Here is my son. He would probably die if he knew I was posting a picture of him on my blog. My daughter knows better, that's why she wont let me take pictures of her. This is a picture of my son's new hair cut. He does it himself. Just the thought of him cutting his own hair cracks me up. He is so particular about it. I guess he can't trust anyone to do what he wants. It's most likely he doesn't want to pay anyone....hehe. The picture is taken with my iphone. I'm so surprised by the good quality. Compared to my old phone it's great. Our iphones are my son's and my newest obsession. He is on top of all the apps that are out and keeps mine up to date. Oh well I had a wonderful weekend because we went to visit him yeterday. He and his dad played golf while I shopped. Then as always we took him out to dinner. He doesn't live that far from us and he comes home quite a bit, but I still miss him. Today was spent with my daughter. She has a new job and works long hours, so we don't get to see her much either. I'd gladly spend all my time with my kids if I could.

I did manage to finish and take pictures of the item I will be donating to the auction. I made another scrappy art tote and can't wait to post it. The auction starts next Sunday March 7th. It will go for a week. You will have to go to Inspiration Avenue blog to bid on any of the items.
I will post my item here this week and then it will go up on the team blog Saturday.
It would be greatly appreciated if you would blog about the auction on your blog. The money is going to a good charity, so the more we can get the word out the better.


  1. Good lookin young man there Charlie!! No matter who cuts his hair!!

    Oh I hear you on spending time with the children...I savour every moment I can with mine too.

    I'll be happy to share about the auction!

  2. Heyyy...he's cute! Sounds like a wonderful weekend Charlie. Waitin' for the auction.


  3. charlie! your son is really good looking! i'm sure he has loads of girls :)) lol!! i can't imagine someone cutting their own hair ... how do you do the back?!

    the i-phone does have a good cam. my fren takes amazing travel pics with his i phone... you would have thought they were professionally taken. course, he enhances them with photoshop too... but nonetheless, the pics taken with the iphone are gorgeous!

  4. Your son is so handsome! His haircut looks good lol! That is such a great picture for a camera phone. Technology is really speeding along...

    Can't wait to see your auction piece ~ sounds wonderful!

  5. Hi Charlie, I am with you on spending time with your children. Mine are my favorite people in the world. Babies were fun, but I really enjoy them grown-up :)
    I can't wait to see your bag, I'm excited about the auction!
    xox, Lisa